Hyderabad to Gandikota


Start your trip early in the morning from Hyderabad .. it’s beautiful road to reach Kurnool first.. have nice southern breakfast and reach “Rock Garden”.. nice place to hangout, photography and Peace.

After spending an hour or So, go Towards “Mahanandi”. A temple with natural water pond.. have a pleasant bath and feel the nature... it’s a continuous natural flowing pond with crystal clear water where u can see the ground. visit the temple..

and start toward Gandikota to reach around 3 PM enjoying the beautiful roads and scenery... Check in at APTDC Guest house. And prefer taking package to include lunch, dinner & Breakfast with tent and camp hire on hill side river view. Have lunch and visit the fort.

At end of the fort , you will have Jorge View Point which is the famous Point.. go there, spend time and enjoy the beautiful great Canon of India. Don’t forget to enjoy your photography.. and have a beautiful Sunset view .. You can never forget this Sunset, as that’s gonna be one of the most beautiful Ever.

Get back to ur Hill side Tent, have dinner, campfire, put on some loud music and dance to the full to forget all your sorrows and tensions.. and sleep in the tent counting the stars and have a wonderful night.

Wake up sharp at 6AM to see the sun rising right opposite to u... That’s gonna be another memorable Morning you ever had. Then have breakfast and checkout.

Reach Belum caves on the way back to Hyderabad and prefer wearing light clothes. Belum caves are beneath ground for about 2 KM and you will enjoy the beauty and photography if you really love nature.

Start towards Hyderabad back and you can visit any places on the way if possible and reach city limits comfortably around 9PM..

Photo of Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh, India by Sudeep Kumar