A weekend trip from Chennai to Belum Caves and Gandikota

21st Feb 2020

Hi im Jageshwar Mohan a traveler with makes low cost with satisfied travel experience, follow me on instagram, Here some tips for Budget Travelers

Reach Belum Caves from Chennai by Train

we are packed our bags to visit gandikota with low cost budget within 2k. so, we started trip at 21st friday night 11pm in chennai central railway. The ticket cost around 130rs per head to Tadipatri and we reached around 7am in tadipatri station.

Day 1

From Tadipatri station to bus stop its is 5km to reach and auto available in railway station itself cost around 20rs per head. from Tadipatri bus stop to belum caves there is straight bus and it takes 45min approx and cost is 20rs per head

Entrance of Belum caves

Photo of Belum Caves, Opposite Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Kolimigundla, Andhra Pradesh, India by Jageshwar Mohan

once you reached belum caves it will be opened at 10am so you can have the breakfast in oppsite of belum caves, we ate in that cost around 70rs for 3 of us and we went to belum caves. The ticket cost for belum caves for adult 65rs and kids 45rs. It takes maximum 2 to 3hrs to explore and view is good in inside of belum caves

Now Its Time to Reach Gandikota from Belum Caves with Local Transport

once you done with belum caves have some drinks and complete your lunch in the same hotel, We suggest you to eat meals and chapatti other foods are not good enough and the cost of meals is 70rs per head

Now its time to go for gandikotta, there is no straight transport for gandikota in same hotle nearby you can get auto to KOLIMIGUNDLA the cost is 20rs per head, Once you reached Kolimigundla bus stop there you can get bus for JAMMALAMADUGU. In Jammalamadugu bus and auto is available to Gandikota and we prefer auto is best choise because there is only timing bus you have to get.

Here the tips for clearence to Reach Chennai to Gandikota Trip plan

Chennai to Tadipatri - 130rs in train

Tadipatri station to Tadipatri bus stop - 20rs in auto

Tadipatri to Belum caves - 20rs in Bus

Belum caves entrence fees - 65rs for adult and 45rs for kids

Belum caves to Kolimigundla - 20rs for auto

Kolimigundla to Jammalamadugu - 10rs for auto

Jammalamadugu to Gandikota - auto price negotiate (we did 150rs for 3persons and its worth)

Gandikota tips for trekking and camping

Once you reached Gandikota you can explore you must book a Camping service, we booked in Gandikota Trekkers Club contact number 8328620921. they offered 800rs for camping with dinner and breakfast and restrooms finally life jackets for swimming in river. you can explore the evening time in gandikota fort there are most architect buildings you can explore like Jail, Madavara Temple, Jumma Musid, Fort etc. Once you done with explore reach the entrance place for camping they will arrange camping with food and Fire Camp near the gandikota canyon

Day 2

Next day morning you must see the sun rise, Im sure you can get a incredible sun rise and after get ready for breakfast once you done its time to start the trekking to canyon. take some life jackets and follow the white paint drops to reach the river and finally dont miss to jump on river, This river is dept too wear life jackets and enjoy the trek

Finally its Time to reach Chennai again. if u finished trekking before 10am you can get train in jammalamadugu same cost around 120rs per head or you can get bus at 6pm and 7pm in jammalamadugu main bus stop cost around 580rs per ticket and it takes 9hrs to reach chennai

Day 3

Finally You did this Trip around budget within 2k, Have a safe Journey