India's first & only Submarine museum


This trip was inspired by the movie the Ghazi attack & highly educational one as it is an actual submarine converted to a museum.We visited this place during our stay and were very keen to have this experience of our lifetime. INS Kursura as it is named so is highly recommended place to visit if you are travelling in Vishakhapatnam or Vizag as called.

Photo of India's first & only Submarine museum 1/6 by Richa

It is perfect place for children to learn a lot about Submarines and for elders as well how difficult the life of personnel who are on duty in submarines.It is located on RK beach in Vishakhapatnam.The area around is very scenic and one can enjoy the beach as well.There is greenery all around the place and comfortable benches for people to sit on and relax after there entire trip into the museum.INS kursura was decommissioned in 2001 after around 30yrs of service in Indian navy & then it was decided to preserved it for the museum & till today it does not fail to retain its originality.

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The submarine totally gives the insight into the life of a submariner and hardships they face at sea.The submarine museum offers the opportunity to visitors to tour the once forbidden confines of an Indian Naval submarine, see the torpedo rooms and crew quarters, view the once sonar and radar rooms and the submarine control room.

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You need to purchase an entry ticket or if you are from defence services ticket can be exempted,then you walk on this long clean road that leads to the staircase for the entrance and a long queue of the curious visitors waiting to get inside.The waits get over soon and entry is granted after checking the tickets,there are guides in each compartment briefing you with the history of the submarine,figurines kept so real telling the life of submariners,the way they live,they eat,the sleep and you develop respect seeing the tough conditions they survive in to safeguard our country and people.The chambers were really claustrophobic to me as they were so narrow allowing one person at a time to walk by.It was totally air conditioned & that's the only thing that gives your energy when you feel the difficulty level of submariners.

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After visiting all the compartments slowly that took us around 45 minutes we came out that's when the sun was setting.The beach looked beautiful and the far hill that is called Dolphin's nose looked even more catchy.We sat in the greens around discussing the life of submariners and giving opinions on the museum when a nearby ice cream corner caught our sight across the road.

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We crossed the road and went to that ice cream place that looked different and nearly all crowd after museum visit came to this place,We took some pictures of the museum from here also and went to order something to satisfy our appetite.The nitrogen ice cream was the star of the food that day and we ordered our flavours and relished them talking about star of the entire trip INS Kursura .

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Nitrogen ice cream in making