Ramoji Film City

4th Sep 2018
Photo of Ramoji Film City by Neha Kumari
Day 1

Now after fundura, let's go, in the city of Ramoji's grand film sets. Where Mughal Gardens is seen from the front and what to say about grandeur, then it seems that the real match will be eaten before it. The bus is taken from here, in the palaces of Jaipur, this palace is built on a high altitude and from here, the unforgettable sight of the film city. As you descend from the palace, there is a Katyani Garden on one side and go ahead and look at the Japanese garden on one side and Sakurai Garden in the other direction, this garden has made different shapes by making grass clusters on the wires, which is here. Look at the direction of the green and green creatures here and there. Here, after seeing the Karisma Garden in the last, I want to see the flowers and flowers are made in front of them. Hke not think was such that we are moving in India.

At this time we were standing near the place where we had to sit in the bus carrying the film sets. As soon as the bus came, they got into the car in a hurry. This bus has open windows which can easily view the outside scenes. First of all, the person who operated the carriage introduced the Mughal Garden. It looks like a Mughal garden in the outside, but when you go inside it looks like the Vrindavan Garden of Mysore. From here we were asked to meet down in five minutes and threatened even if we did not come and not leave. Well, when the time limit has been told then it is advisable to come back from time to time but do not know, we left it and after that we had to walk according to our own accord, then we would have to walk on two feet of riding. Right now, we had started seeing these movie sets according to our own calculations that the raining began. Now, what was the unstable situation, it was good to be drenched while walking around from the dawn of standing. We were roaming in Ramoji film city streets where it was not the realization that we are in our own country. The fugitive international airplane sits sitting on us abroad. Among them, we got a bus coming from Ramoji's main gate and he got us back once again into fundraising. From here again we joined the bus guided tour.

After this bus stopped showing some kind of set, like hospitals - here we can treat without money, but there is no guarantee of a doctor's recovery, big buildings, now the film heroine will be in these buildings. Then the troupe was built for the protagonist, the airport and then and the Inter-National Ship were also present. After this we saw the show on the stunts show, which was not seen as pleasant as it was thought of, it was not seen that it was the view of a movie. Here, such temples are also seen, in which there is no God, it is not surprising that the temple of God without worship. This is because the image of God is changed with the priest according to the picture's view. God also comes with his devotees sitting in the car. After coming here, it can not be that seeing some place remains, because just where it comes from, does not go back that way, so everything is seen by itself.

Now the last place is Ramoji Movie Magic. Wherever it can be reached only after applying a long line. Here in the first part of the show, the film tells about the history of the city, and in the second it is shown that how easily the voices are released in the silver screen, which we are afraid of seeing in the movie. After this, earthquake is also shown in the earthquake zone with the help of 3D. As long as these magic moves, the condition of those who see it becomes thin and the show ends when the show begins to resonate with laughter.

So in total, Ramoji Film City comes together in a day to see something so much that we can not even go to many places of the year for many years. In this way, Ramoji film city tour is being held here in the sequel, with a break on the Charminar.

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