Beer Festivals Around The World That Are Not Oktoberfest


Did someone say they're thirsty? Well, we bet after reading this article you will definitely be asking for something to drink! Oktoberfest is one festival that is not only known around the world but also receives the maximum footfall for a booze festival. Closer to home we have Sula Fest, which is also known for the wines, music and overall fun. However, these are not the only beer festivals around the world that celebrate booze. Here's a list of the 10 booziest festivals across the world you must add to your bucket list right away!

Qingdao Beer Festival, China

A little closer to home is the famous Qingdao Beer Festival! Often called the 'Asian Oktoberfest', it is a month-long celebration where beer flows constantly and parties are held in every street and lane. Held in various locations across China, the focus of the festival is obviously, to drink, party and make merry. The beer festival that started as a two-week annual celebration has now expanded into a full-blown four-week party where locals and visitors enjoy equally!

When: August 2018 (the whole month)

Where: Huangdao Golden Beach, WanRen Square, Laoshan Beer City & Century Square, Horticultural Expo Center, all in Qingdao, China.

Admission Price: There is a nominal charge to attend the festival. 10RMB (₹106) if you enter between 10am to 3pm and 20RMB (₹212) for entries between 3pm to 10pm.

You can know more about the festival here.

Bordeaux Wine Festival, France

Taking place every two years, The Bordeaux Wine Festival is a true sommelier experience that you just can't miss. The hero of the festival is obviously wine but there's lot more happening during it. You get to tour a vineyard, understand the entire wine making process, and multiple tastings. Complimenting the delectable wine and the beautiful venue of the festival, are numerous musical performances and concerts, fireworks, food, and much more.

When: June 14th – 17th, 2018

Where: Bordeaux, France

Admission Price: There is an all-inclusive pass that includes 12 tastings, a glass and holder, a workshop and even an entire bottle of wine to take home. The price is €16 (₹1300) if you purchase before 10th June and €21 (₹1710) if you purchase after 10th June.

You can know more about the festival here.

Caribbean Rum And Beer Festival, Barbados

It's not like we need any more reasons to love the vibrant, dynamic Caribbean, but they have just gone ahead and given us one. The rum and beer festival offers over 100 different tastings and highly competitive Rum & Cocktail Wars. Celebrated chefs, mixologists offering innovative drinks and endless flow of Caribbean music, this festival is a must-visit for every rum, beer and party enthusiast.

When: November/December 2018 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Barbados, Caribbean

Admission Price: There is no admission price as such.

Know more about this crazy festival here.

San Vino Wine Fight Festival, Spain

If wine tasting don't excite you, how about wine fights? San Vino Wine Fight Festival isn't for the faint-hearted. It's notorious and it requires a 5km trek up a mountain to actually attend the festival. The parties take place in the city, but the actual wine fights happen on top of the mountains. Once you reach the 'battleground', you are equipped with trucks full of water guns and buckets full of wine! Load up and fire away!

When: 27 - 30 June 2018

Where: Haro, Spain

Admission Price: There are no admission prices. However, if you wish to stay at the site and camp there, the camping prices start from €60 (₹4880) for two nights.

Know more about this crazy festival right here.

London Cocktail Week, United Kingdom

If you thought that London is a little boring and uptight, London Cocktail Week is the perfect way to change your opinion. Crazy, but innovative concoctions, master classes, tours and tastings and over 200 bars serving the best cocktails ever, this is one boozy week that will have you tipsy throughout. And the best part? You get to create your very own signature cocktail as well!

When: 1-7 October, 2018

Where: London, United Kingdom

Admission Price: £10 (₹930) that gives you access to over 200 bars and a £5 (₹465) special cocktail they’re offering.

Know more about this tipsy treat here.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival, United States Of America

Well, everyone knows about the Kentucky Fried Chicken, but there is one other thing that Kentucky does differently. In a world full of wine and beer festivals, Kentucky Bourbon Festival celebrates the delicious bourbon in a way it truly deserves. Barrel races, men and women in cowboy boots and unlimited supply of bourbon, this is one festival that will for sure make you appreciate a glass of good whiskey.

When: 10 - 16 September, 2018

Where: Kentucky, United States Of America

Admission Price: There are different prices for different events like a bourbon tasting event will cost you $30 (₹2000) while a masterclass can cost you up to $75 (₹5010).

You can read more about where to buy the tickets from and what to expect at the festival here.

Fete de l’Absinthe, Switzerland

Credits: Fete de l’Absinthe

Photo of Boveresse, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland by Aakanksha Magan

'The green fairy', 'drink of hallucinations', 'green poison' are just few of the terms associated with Absinthe. Thanks to the high alcohol content in this drink, it is notoriously infamous for delivering a high that can range from ecstatic to neurotic. However, Fete de l’Absinthe entire purpose is to bust these myths about Absinthe. Set in the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, travel for this festival to not only enjoy this delicious drink but also understand how it is something to savour and enjoy, one sip at a time. Besides trying the drink for yourself, you can feast on traditional Swiss food, enjoy the scenery, and even meet some of the famous manufacturers of Absinthe.

When: 16 June, 2018

Where: Boveresse, Switzerland

Admission Price: Free entry

Know more about this festival here.

Northwest Tequila & Agave Spirits Fest, United States Of America

What do you do when life gives you lemons? You bring out the tequila and the salt and you do shots! Or at least that's what I do. And if you are just like me, head over to Seattle for the largest Tequila and Agave Spirits Fest. 170+ bottles of tequila and local grub await your taste buds. A cocktail competition, epic music, and an exhibit hall bring the best tequila in the world to Seattle, Washington, this is one festival any tequila lover has to attend at least once before they die!

When: September 2018 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Seattle, Washington

Admission Price: Entry ticket prices for 2018 are yet to be announced.

Know more about this festival here.

Have you been to any of these wine and beer festivals? Write all about your crazy tipsy experience on Tripoto today!

Or if you have any other festivals that we have missed out on, comment and let us know!

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