"It's not safe out there since you are a girl" - things I get to hear as a female solo traveller

Photo of "It's not safe out there since you are a girl" - things I get to hear as a female solo traveller 1/1 by Srishti Millicent

As I was packing my bag, my dad asked me twice, "Are you sure about this trip ? It is raining cats and dogs in Shimla. The whole family can go later on once your mom and I get free" and so I replied, "It is just a trip, there will be many things I would have to do on my own in future. How long mother and you will make it easy for me ? I need to stand on my feet too." But I do know, he was proud about my decision and I am grateful to have such understanding parents.

Recently, I made my first solo trip to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The place is five hours away from Chandigarh, the city I live in and is in actual my hometown. I will be honest, it was scary at first but then the city got under my nerves and I fell for it. Not only the city but the people too.

I oftenly listen to this statement that women shouldn't travel alone. I do agree but then isn't that robbing us of our freedom ? I, as a human, still believe in good people and I did meet many of them.

Even in Shimla, I met people who actually helped me and were amazed to know about my solo trip. I saw cool bus conductors with man buns and tattoos who were nice and people who smiled if smiled back. They welcomed me with all their hearts even if I had a query or required any information. So how can I let two or three people, telling me how bad the world is, ruin my thoughts regarding humanity. Rest, I do encourage women to always keep their safety first. To be armed with a pepper spray and keep their phones fully charged.

But this trip changed everything I knew about me and I got to meet a new me.

So go and travel alone girls. Make your own story !

View of the hills in Kufri

Photo of Kufri, Himachal Pradesh, India by Srishti Millicent