Ironically, sailed ahead in Backwaters.

16th Aug 2016

Backwater is a part of a river in which there is little or no current. It refers either to a branch of a main river, which lies alongside it and then rejoins it, or to a body of water in a main river, backed up by an obstruction such as the tide or a dam.

The most famous back waters or the most beautiful one you'd come across in India is the Kerala back waters.

well, travelling to the south of the country has it's own charm and that one thing you'll see when you look up to the sky would be PALM TREES. They just make you feel that you are going uptown mexico. And that is exactly what you want when you travel


maybe I just mean all you want is the nature to converse with you.

so, here is to another conversation

1) The beginning -

Photo of Kerala Backwater, Poovar - Neyyatinkara Road, Poovar, Kerala, India by cigarettegreys

The relation between backwaters and these mangroves is that these trees have their souls inside water and they happen to hold on to themselves by giving or taking support and that is how we function too isn't? sometimes giving shelter to people we love and sometimes holding on to our roots. That is how it all started. The human race?

2) Deception-

Photo of Ironically, sailed ahead in Backwaters. by cigarettegreys

after a beginning or after you've just stepped outside the whole wide world you realise that things don't look like the way they are or things are very different in reality. NO matter how beautiful things look, no matter how wonderful they make you feel from a distance.

A closer look always make you wonder if you really wanted this and do you accept this particular thing/decision with all the negatives it has? that's what this view made me realise. You don't see a way ahead but you do have and you always will and to put it across you need to go through deceptions and amendments with what you see and what actually is.

3) Green revolution.

Photo of Ironically, sailed ahead in Backwaters. by cigarettegreys

to state revolution in simple words - a drastic phenomenon which would bring about a change in the society and I would like to put this as a metaphor for a single individual.

We are the ones who bring about the revolution in our lives when we plan on things for ourselves and that's what happens after all the deception and the kind of idea you get once you are exposed to your decision. You happen to see a revolution which changed your life, you finally see a side you always thought of. Your happy place.

4) Amendments

Photo of Ironically, sailed ahead in Backwaters. by cigarettegreys

you fall, you get up, you move on and when you've come that far you do realise that it isn't that easy but it isn't impossible either and that is what happens 99% of times.

you think on it, you try working, you finish it off and you realise it wasn't impossible at all. all I was thinking the whole while was that it is so important not to stop yourself. It is your duty to go where your decisions take you. You cant give up and you cant sit in the middle of the river thinking there would be another current that would change things.

You just got to do what you started off no matter how worse it might end up. Finishing something you've started is what makes satisfaction build in and that changes a lot.

5) nature's call.

Photo of Ironically, sailed ahead in Backwaters. by cigarettegreys

There is sky above me. And those palm trees they act like a mediator between me and that sky.

I am in the middle of this place I can't call river neither an ocean but the water is stagnant and salty. It is about to meet the sea which is deep but it is scared to and that is why it is still trying to enjoy the freedom it has.

Maybe to put it is like Indian marriage where they want to get married but they are scared about what holds up next when they surrender themselves to a person they happen to call their life partner.



Photo of Ironically, sailed ahead in Backwaters. by cigarettegreys

to give you a brief on this travel trip I took to Kerala.

It happened by fluke. The main destination where I was heading was Maldives and we gotta a day at Kerala as our flight to Maldives was from Thiruvananthapuram. (capital of Kerala)

As it was a Monday, all the touristy places were shut like the museums etc ( they have a holiday on Monday, so please plan your vacation accordingly) and hence, we ended up going to the powar backwaters which was indeed very majestic.

SO, we stayed at Kovallam which is a town little ahead from Thiruvananthapuram but 20 minutes from the Airport.

where I stayed - green cove - vivanta by taj

For how many days - 1 day.

good time to go to Kerala - June and august ( I went to the place in august and the weather was pretty pleasant)

how did I reach there? - air India airlines helped me through.

Best food you get out here? - SEA FOOD!

(I will be posting more about my stay at taj , food and palm trees)