Kyrgyzstan - The pearl of Central Asia

Photo of Kyrgyzstan - The pearl of Central Asia 1/1 by Wen Tang
Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

Kyrgyzstan is one of my favorite places on Earth!

From the towering & remote mountains to the incredibly hospitable people, Kyrgyzstan is a country worth exploring. Part of the former Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country situated in the heart of Asia (Central Asia) and is a little known & much less traveled region in this part of the World.

I spent 1 month travelling in the country & created some amazing memories.

As an adventure junkie, I spent 2 week trekking and camping in the Tien Shan Mountains, crossing high mountain crosses and witnessing some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country.

Peak Lenin rising to 7,134 metres high is Kyrgyzstan's second highest point! This is the view you get for trekking in the country!

Photo of Kyrgyzstan by Wen Tang

After a tough trek, nothing beats lazing around along the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, the World's second largest alpine lake! The lake is so huge it feels like I am floating on the Ocean!

Lake Issyk Kul does feels like an Ocean with Mountains!

Photo of Kyrgyzstan - The pearl of Central Asia by Wen Tang

I also spent a few days each exploring the cities of Bishkek, Karakul & Osh, visiting the animal bazaars, trying the local dish of Beshbarmak, Plov (rice), Laghman (noodles) & even the seasonal drink of Kumis (fermented horse's milk)! If you are a history buff, there are some interesting historical places to explore in the country as well. Sleeping in the Kyrgyz Yurt & witnessing the nomads at work are some other experiences I thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Welcome to the busy animal bazaar!

Photo of Kyrgyzstan - The pearl of Central Asia by Wen Tang

Bactrian Camels in the steppes of Kyrgyzstan

Photo of Kyrgyzstan - The pearl of Central Asia by Wen Tang

But my best impression of the country will always be the friendly & hospitable Kyrgyz people I meet along the way!

If you are someone looking for adventures in remote places or simply a laid-back traveler who prefers to experience a unique nomadic culture, I think Kyrgyzstan has everything to offer for the different kind of travelers. Now, I can say Kyrgyzstan is indeed a stunningly beautiful country & the pearl of Central Asia!