Why you should visit this rugged Central Asian country: Kyrgyzstan


There's a destination that has a huge potential for travellers and can turn out to be a great travel hub. Any guesses? Well defined by an incredible natural beauty and rich nomadic traditions, this land-locked country bordering China and three neighbouring ‘Stans‘ is proud today, because of its vast landscapes, celestial mountains and resilient people, which can instantly make you, fall in love.

So, you 're a backpacker, head out to experience an unique destination to enjoy its scenery which is absolutely breathtaking, where the people are welcoming, and where the adventure gives you an adrenaline rush. Most of all, there is no visa required to enter the country! Say hello to.....

For travellers moving on a fixed budget, Kyrgyzstan offers some great budget tours with interesting sightseeing from locations; Bishkek, Karakol, Jety-Oguz, Bokombaevo, Kochkor to Song-Kol. Here are 5 reasons what will astound you and why your travel to Kyrgyzstan can be a remarkable experience!

Mesmerising Scenic Beauty:

Kyrgyzstan’s natural beauty and countryside is a pleasure to satiate yourself, as it offers exactly what you need. The celestial mountain ranges, the hike trails of breathtaking scenery, tall peaks and high altitude lakes, will not disappoint you. You can witness some of the highest peaks – Pobeda and Khan Tengri or experience a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges from Lake Issyk-Kul. If not this, try the historic Silk Road destinations: Tash Rabat, Burana Tower and Osh Bazaar for a perfect scenic experience.

The Adventurous Outdoors:

If you’re the one who loves outdoor adventures, trekking, horse trekking, and scenic drives – Kyrgyzstan is a jackpot. It offers numerous and challenging treks, hikes waiting to be discovered, such as Jyrgalan, Issyk-Kul lake, Cholpon-Ata, Karakol, Song Kol and more. These locations are perfect spots for camping and swimming as well.

Sumptuous Ethnic Cuisine:

You can easily find really good food with a variety of continental cuisines and local dishes. Mutton, horse meat and beef are the substantive part of traditional and modern Kyrgyz cuisine, and can be found at every local restaurant. One of the most traditional dish eaten by the locals is Beshbarmak and you’ll notice that a lot of their dishes are cooked with flavor and seasoning. Other than Beshbarmak, a few other delicious local meals include Shashlik (Shish Kabab), Plov and Kuurdak (Roast Fried).

Rich Cultural Heritage:

Influenced by the nomadic heritage, home owners decorate their homes with beautiful items. The masterpiece of folk creation is the Yurta (tent) which is easy to assemble and is always surrounded by cosy carpets, embroidered covers, blankets and pillows. When it comes to traditional music, the popular festivals you can enjoy include Kyrgyz Kochu, Felt, Cuisine & Folklore which will leave you spellbound.

Charming People of Kyrgyzstan

It is said that some of the most memorable experiences revolve around people. The culture in Kyrgyzstan values hospitality proudly and you will not find locals being rude or disrespectful, instead they will be warm, friendly and will ensure that you get the best hospitality while you’re amongst them. If you choose to be at a homestay, then families will even cook some delicious home-made food and offer you chai (tea).

Getting there

There are direct and one-stop flights to Bishkek, which approximately costs INR 30,000 to 40,000.

Travelling there

The local transports such as buses are relatively cheap, but if you want to experience the best views, opt for a taxi. If you prefer self-driving, rent an appropriate car to see the places you want to explore.


Hotels in Kyrgyzstan range from luxurious to basic gostinitsas, which are quite reasonable. As the capital and largest city, Bishkek has a lot and the widest range of options, having the Hyatt Regency, the country’s only five-star hotel, along with plenty of comfortable four-star hotels. These cost more or less the same as would be paid in a Western city. (typically around/ between US$15 and US$30 for a double room)