Snow No Show: Auli Winter Games Cancelled Due to Lack of Snowfall

Photo of Snow No Show: Auli Winter Games Cancelled Due to Lack of Snowfall by Khyati Maloo

Hey fellow travel enthusiasts! I've got some news about the Winter Games in Auli that were supposed to take place from February 23-26. Unfortunately, due to less snowfall in the region this winter, the games have been cancelled.

The Ski and Snowboard Association of Uttarakhand confirmed that the games won't be held this year because of the lack of snowfall. Auli is only 11 km away from Joshimath, which was hit by land subsidence, affecting footfall in Auli as well.

Praveen Sharma, the Secretary of the Association, explained that the games were initially planned for February 2, but had to be postponed due to a lack of snow. They had rescheduled the event for February 23, hoping for a good spell of snowfall from February 12-15. However, with very little snow and rising temperatures, it's unlikely that the event will take place. Sharma also mentioned that the condition is similar in Himachal Pradesh.

Despite the land subsidence issue, the Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj supported the winter games at Auli, and all preparations were in place. Unfortunately, the games had to be cancelled because there was hardly any snow.

But, don't let this news discourage you from visiting Auli. It's a beautiful hill station located in Uttarakhand, with stunning views of the Himalayas and a range of winter activities to enjoy. Although the Winter Games won't be taking place this year, you can still try skiing or snowboarding on the available snow, trek through the picturesque landscape, and enjoy the winter wonderland.

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