10 Essential Places To See in Australia

24th Jan 2018
Photo of 10 Essential Places To See in Australia by Nabeel Ahmed

Australia is commonly called "The Land Down Under" , awakens the senses to any inveterate traveler; It is a must destination, not only for its incredible beaches and incomparable beauty, but also for its ecosystem, unique in its class. 

Australia offers everything a traveler seeks: spectacular cities, paradisiacal beaches, mountains of exuberant beauty, unique wildlife in its class, cultural mixes and intact Aboriginal culture. If this is the first time you visit Australia, your whole ecosystem will be completely new to you, think. What other destination in the world can you say the same?

Photo of 10 Essential Places To See in Australia 1/1 by Nabeel Ahmed

This is the main reason why thousands and thousands of people visit Australia every year; tourists come to Australia attracted by that incomparable beauty, amazing animals that you can only admire in "the country of abundance, where women shine and men plunder".

If you would like to visit this beautiful and unique country take note of these 10 essential places of Australia and enjoy the wonders of down there.

What to see in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is a place that you have to go to at least once in your life. This beautiful World Heritage Site is simply indescribable. 2,300 kilometers of coral reef make it the largest coral system in the world, home to a myriad of marine species, some known and many unknown.

The best way to discover this beautiful jewel of nature is diving! On the beautiful island of Magnetic there are many tour operators willing to rent the diving equipment and help you live a unique experience.

Sailing in the incredible waters of the Coral Sea is something simply difficult to resist, it becomes a necessity to navigate the Whitsundays. 74 paradise islands! Perfect if you travel as a couple and want a bit of privacy or if you travel alone and you are looking for a moment to enjoy your solitude.

Photo of Red center central building, Kensington, New South Wales, Australia by Nabeel Ahmed

The island of Blue Pearl is the best to enjoy a relaxing bath or to practice scuba diving. Imagine being in the white sand of Whitehaven beach watching the full moon or be in Hook Island contemplating a spectacular sunset ...

The most famous marsupial island in the world is undoubtedly one of the 10 must see places in Australia. On the island you will have the opportunity to get close to its harmless locals and learn more about the preservation of Australia's wildlife.

Photo of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia by Nabeel Ahmed

On Kangaroo Island you can have contact with sea ​​lions, walabies, penguins, koalas and of course kangaroos . You must remember that although they are harmless, you must not go beyond the safety zone, at all times you must be respectful of the wildlife.

In Kangaroo Island there is nothing impossible, you can go hiking with your lovely locals, surf and dive among sea lions, as well as enjoy the incredible cuisine and the exquisite wines of the Clare and Barossa valleys.

Uluru is one of the most famous icons of Australia. Its location is in the heart of the Red Center of Australia , it is a landscape that means a lot to the indigenous Australians, the best way to know more about the majesty and spirituality of Uluru is to take a walk with an aboriginal guide; Aboriginal guides tell fantastic stories and also lets you know more about their traditions.

Photo of Uluru, Petermann, Northern Territory, Australia by Nabeel Ahmed

Despite being an arid and harsh environment, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is home to endless species. The famous Australian marsupials roam freely among the sands of this beautiful and unique red desert. If you want to have contact with wildlife, it is best to book a trip in all terrain, the guides will take you to the best places to get close with kangaroos, walabies, dingos and emus.

A wonderful and essential region, famous for its long and sunny days. The western region of Australia offers fantastic cities such as Perth , the beautiful pink lake in Kalgoorlie and the incredible Albany coast , and if you visit this region between March and October you will witness a special and unique phenomenon.

Photo of Western Australia, Australia by Nabeel Ahmed

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is one of the most populated cities in the entire country. The captivating city of Perth is the fashionable city in Australia, bathed by the Indian Ocean with sunny and spectacular beaches, the most modern neighborhoods and a beautiful architecture that leaves no indifferent tourist.

If yours are not cities and you want to witness a very special phenomenon, we suggest you go to Broome Beach. The beach of Broome is one of the most beautiful in the western region and is the site of an unparalleled event known as the "stairway to the moon". This phenomenon occurs when the low tide coincides with the full moon, without a doubt a wonderful spectacle.

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