Hidden Paradise - Lembongan Island

11th Dec 2016
Photo of Hidden Paradise - Lembongan Island by Mileandsmile

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Off the southeast coast of Bali lies the lembongan island which is the one of the cleanest and most peaceful beach i have visited till date. Its beauty is as fascinating as its tranquility. We went on a day trip to lembongan from sanur. However i would definitely like to have an overnight halt at this unexplored gem next time. We enjoyed every bit of our time in lembongan and would recommend it to everyone traveling to Bali.. Here is our one day itinerary…

Lembongan Island: Take a ferry or a speed boat from sanur coast to Lembongan Island. The ferry ride would take around 45 minutes. Lembongan Island is an exclusive island near Bali.

A day trip to Lembongan would primarily include the following:

Panorama point: If you are a lover of city skylines and helicopter views of the place, Panorama point is the place to be. It is the topmost point of the island which gives a feel of a European city with red roofs all around on one side. The other half is covered with dense forests again making it a place worth taking a lot of selfies..

Mangroves: Mangroves are deep and dark forests in the water. The place is must visit for the silence and peace and the dense view it offers. You could also take a mangroves tour offered by the trip organizers out there.

Snorkeling: the Crystal clear waters and beautiful coral bed makes lembongan the best place to satisfy your adventurous buds. Experience the wow snorkeling and scuba diving of the area. We did it at mangrove point. However, the best views of corals and colorful fishes are offered at Crystal bay. There are day trips to help you cover all the snorkeling spots of Lembongan.

Time taken: day tour/overnight halt as per your wish (Overnight halt recommended)

Cost for the ferry: USD 30 per person for a return trip

Cost of day tour: USD 20 per person

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Dream beach: Probably the most esthetic beach of Indonesia, the view it offers is beyond description. The devils tear and the swing near "the dream beach" board are the two most famous spots all over Instagram. The cafe above dream beach is recommended for the spectacular view, great variety in food and interesting seating arrangements.

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