Solo Travelling to Bali on a budget- Indonesia

Photo of Solo Travelling to Bali on a budget- Indonesia by Payel

Sun, sand, sea and a society enriched with their traditional and cultural values, it has to be #Bali. A small island which can be driven across in one day (provided no stop in between, except at a petrol pump!!); can actually be an ideal destination for a long, laid-back vacation. Though talking of #Bali, many people think of only nightlife, party, and flock of people everywhere... however someone like me, who stays miles away from these high spirited activities, can give you a different picture of #Bali altogether which is pacifying if i may say!

I love beach destinations, and I also like to blend with the nature and for which I like quietness, I like to savour the newly felt air from my surrounding and lose myself into it. I’m still in my #Bali_blues fever, and determined to pass it on to you as well..

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Parigata Beach Bali

Stay at Bali:

On my first visit to #Bali, I had chosen my first stop at #Sanur and so thankful I am to myself that did so. #Sanur is a quiet town with a number of plush, stylish & chic restaurants, bars, cafes lined up on both sides of the roads and by the beach as well. Ample of tourists walking across the road, sitting by the eateries, enjoying a drink, enjoying live music with lovely food (at a decent price!).. The sunny mornings or the shiny evenings are always fulfilling here. A long walk by the beach or on the concrete roads of #Sanur doesn't drop your shoulder, and even if it does, the cafes are there to help you regain the energy. When on vacation, time can truly beat a Cheetah, but still it seems life in #Bali is moving slower than other days..

Places to Visit in Bali- From Sanur (Please click on the above link for thorough details)

Also, if the plan is lay on the sun and sand, read your favourite book for the entire day and wolfing down tempting Indonesian food, there is this afternoon tour, I will recommend for a few hours' change.

An afternoon excursion to Uluwatu Temple in Bali:

The next day I had decided to go for half day sunset tour to Uluwatu temple. From Sanur it takes around 1.5 hours to reach Uluwatu temple, i had started at 3 pm in the afternoon. The entrance to #ULuwatu temple is 30K IDR per person. Sarong is available for free and all are purple in colour. However if you are wearing any dress below the knees, you don't need any sarong. The #ULuwatu temple is built up in the hills; there are long but small steps to be taken to reach up to the temple watching over the roaring sea. This temple is famous for its sunset and Kecak dance show (costs 100K per person for dance show) which is optional. However this temple is always packed with tourists, but without any doubt the sunset is very very beautiful. The sky changing its colour the reflection of it on the water body is spectacular. People patiently wait to see the sunset and it's unforgettable.

Photo of Uluwatu Temple, Pecatu, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia by Payel

NOTE: at #Uluwatu please be very alert from the monkeys, here the monkeys are snatchers, and they have a knack on grabbing sunglasses/ spectacles, they love to take them and break them into pieces.

Sunrise in #Sanur, Bali:

One beautiful attraction which should not be missed while staying in #Sanur, is the Sunrise. One has to reach the beach by 6 am, when the weather is still pleasant, and daylight is waiting at the horizon. Though a clear sunrise is only possible when the sphere is cloud free, which is quite rare! But early morning view of the beach is always refreshing.

Check this link to know on My Best explored places is # Bali ..

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