Tirupati Balaji: 1N/ 1D trip from Bengaluru

30th Aug 2018
Photo of Tirupati Balaji: 1N/ 1D trip from Bengaluru by Rahat Sareen
Day 1

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I had done my proper research before booking a package for Tirupati pilgrimage. I was to travel with my parents, both aged 66 year old. So I had to think of proper convenience for them before embarking on trip.

I read reviews on various platforms and finally settled for one night one day package from Shree Sai Holidays.

Cost per person: INR 2150 (inclusive of taxes) for all adults while for children it is INR 1500, this is weekday cost. For weekends it is INR 2550 per head for adults and INR 1925 for children.


1. APDTC multi axle 2*2 Volvo bus (semi sleeper), similar to KSRTC Airavat semi sleeper

2 Morning breakfast and afternoon lunch

3. Hotel room accommodation to freshen up when you reach early morning

4 Quick Darshan ticket priced INR 300 per head

5. 2 laddus Prasad per person

There are 5 different packages with buses at different times and different pick up points. So you can select as per your convenience. However, all buses start at night between 9-10pm.

Our pick up point was HAL main gate at 11pm. We started on time. You will be given blankets only. No water bottles. So carry your own. We then slept for a while

Day 2

We reached the guest house at 4:30 AM.

There we met our guide. He will remain with you till the time your bus heads back for Bengaluru. He knows Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

He gave us 45 min to freshen up and get ready. Guest house was decent, clean, hot water is available. You will be given a room for maximum of 4 people.

Dress code:

Gents: Either Kurta Pajama or dhoti

Ladies: Saree, or Churidar & Salwar kameez

This dress code is to be followed strictly. You might not be allowed inside the temple otherwise.

By 5:15 AM almost everyone got ready, and we proceeded for breakfast. A buffet with idli, vada, pongal, sambhar, tea and coffee.

By 6:15 AM we headed in the same bus to Goddess Padmavati Temple. This is temple of wife of Lord Venkateshwara. It is said you visit this temple before going to Balaji temple. You seek permission from his wife first to meet him.

We reached temple by 6:30 AM. No electronics are allowed inside the temple. We kept all our belongings in the bus and went for darshan. Stood in line for tickets. This is not included in package. Normal ticket is for INR 20 and special ticket is for INR 100 per head.

One laddu per ticket is given later. Temple opens at 7 AM.

It's advisable for people travelling with old or senior citizens to take special entry tickets. Otherwise they will have to stand in a long queue and can get tiring for them. Remember, they will anyways have to stand and walk for long time at Tirupati Balaji temple. It's better to save energy here.

We got free here by 8 AM. 10-15 min away from Goddess Padmavati Temple, we changed bus and got into APSRTC bus. Non AC regular road transport bus. Only government buses are allowed to go to Temple.

Distance is around 17-18 KM and it's entire hilly route.

You can leave your luggage in the bus you came by. Just carry all your valuables with you.

We reached Tirupati Temple by 9 AM. Guide will tell you where to deposit your sleepers/ shoes and mobiles. The shop will charge you INR 5 per pair of shoes and INR per mobile. No electronics item is allowed inside the temple. Although you can carry eatables and water with you.

Our guide then went to take quick darshan tickets for everyone. Every person has to carry valid ID proof, can be any government approved ID.

We then stood in line at 9:50 AM.

Took us 2 hours in line. Line keeps moving. There will be checking 3 times on the way. Also washrooms are there on the way.

We were lucky to have open and straight darshan of almighty. Keep looking straight and you will be enlightened with his darshan.

Very beautiful and powerful idol. Felt peaceful and blessed. You will get 2 laddus per person once you get out which your guide will collect. For any extra laddus, you can pay your guide INR 75 per laddu and he will buy them for you by the time you are out after darshan. After getting out, everyone met at the shoe counter by 12:15 PM.

Indulge in some shopping here. Very reasonably priced souvenir to carry back.

We then left back on the same government bus and reached by 1:15 PM at the same place where we were to change back to our Volvo bus.

From here then you will be taken for lunch in the same place where you had breakfast.

Again buffet, with chapati, rice, 2 vegetables, sambhar, sweet, banana.

We then started back to Bengaluru by 2:30 PM

Reached Bengaluru by 8 PM.

Note: Bus driver will stop bus 2-3 times while Enroute for washroom and to eat something. Very convenient trip. Highly recommended.

Since mobiles are not allowed for both temples, have no photos of the revered temples.