My travel To Barcelona

15th Dec 2016

My trip to Barcelona I did at the end of last year, everyone told me that it was better to go in summer, but really spend about 4 spectacular winter days in the city.

Barcelona a fantastic experience

I was able to visit every corner of the gothic quarter, the most unique architect I have ever seen: Antoni Gaudi, at the same time as eating the most delicious "tapas" I have been able to taste throughout my life.

It really can not be denied that Barcelona is a city very focused on tourism, but it is a really magical place and with a different aroma to the other cities.

The bars of the center where to make a copeo with extravagant people and very hospitable make you spend a few nights of dream, I am very happy to have dedicated those 4 days of party to visit this wonderful city!

I recommend that if you visit the Catalan capital, you have to dress the palau of music, spectacular art with which is decorated this area dedicated to lovers of classical music while they almost always make some event worthwhile Go listen

Use in some of the days a very competent travel agency in which they make tours guided by barcelona, ​​that I found them in catalonia square with their orange badge and that at first I did not know if to trust, but that really resulted a help and an information Tip for my null knowledge about Barcelona.

Citytellers really made me know the city more thoroughly, their local guides are very knowledgeable about the history of Barcelona and its main elements, as well as after a tour of the Sagrada Familia we ended up eating at a nearby restaurant one Splendid combination of tapas.

I really recommend a visit to Barcelona if you have never gone, I really want to return more days around a week in summer to be able to enjoy it more thoroughly and to be able to see more of its surroundings.

Simply Barcelona is unique.

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