Exploring the Valley of Shadows - Sandhan Valley

8th Dec 2017
Photo of Sandhan Valley, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India by Sanket Abhay Patil

Sandhan Valley is a narrow gorge in the mountains of Sahyadri in Bhandardara region of Maharashtra. The valley extends almost 2kms in the mountains and is 500ft deep which is followed by a 1500ft descend where one needs to cross huge boulders and rappel down 100ft using safety gears. As you enter this magnificent valley, you realize how tiny we are in front of mother nature. We also have to cross 2 water patches almost 3ft deep to cross the valley. Crossing this spine chilling water is a real task. But then, everything that you do to cross the valley is worth as it is a lifetime experience to descend down the mighty sandhan valley and feel the adrenaline rush flowing through your body as you hang yourself on a 8mm rope.