From the diary of ( Druk Yul - Land of Thunder Dragon ) Bhutan

20th Oct 2017
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In Every year we usually plan for a family trip in the month of Oct-Nov-Dec, and we choose places based on its scenic beauty and surrounded by natures creations, whenever we visited any that kind of places or in any hill area which is completely far from this polluted busy life, its always give me enthusiasm, power of endurance and lot of inner power to face upcoming difficulties through out the year.

This time we have chosen two places Bhutan and Nepal. But finally after seeing some pics, videos and knowing about Bhutan's culture I was very eager to visit that place. This is the country where still ruled by the King and its became the most "Happiest Country" in Asia and surprisingly 8th "Happiest country" in earth.

After finalizing the plan without delay we started searching for the Travel agencies. As one new member added to our family and his age was 1.4 years, so we don't take any risk and cut out our adventures thought for that trip. We booked everything through travel agencies except train tickets. After few searches and getting quotation from different travel agencies, we finally choose Kamakya Travels. And they given us the quotation of 40 k for two adults.

Best time to visit Bhutan is during the Spring months March to May. But we choose October as in pickup season price always be in higher side.

And here I'm sharing our 10 days plan of Bhutan tour.

Tour itinerary

Tour itinerary 20th Oct : We Started our journey on this day 20th October at 8:30pm

21st Oct : Pick up Hasimara Railway Station / Drive to Phuentsholing / Stay Hotel Namgay

22nd Oct : Phuentsholing few Sight Seeing / Stay Hotel Namgay

23rd Oct : Permit Making /Thimphu / Stay Hotel Dechen

24th Oct : Thimphu Sight Seeing / Stay Hotel Dechen

25th Oct : Drive to Punakha / Sight Seeing / Stay Hotel Kinten

26th Oct : Drive to Paro / Stay Hotel City

27th Oct : Drive to Chelela back to Paro

28th Oct : Paro Sight Seeing / Stay Hotel City

29th Oct : Drive to Phuentsholing / Drop to Hasimara / Tour End leave by train at 4:47pm

30th Oct : Our tour Ended on 30th October and we reached sealdah at 8:15am

So as per our planning we packed up our luggage's and reach Sealdah station and started our journey on 20th October 2017 by 13149 / Kanchankanya Express. Our destination was Hasimara station. But we left the train on New Alipur. As the distance between New Alipur and Joygaon is very less compare to Hasimara. On the very next day we reached on the Hasimara station at 10:46 am. And our Travel agency already shared drivers mob no. But he called us 15 min before reaching that station ans when we reached to the station he picked us and we are on the way to Joygaon.

Day 1: After travelling few km our driver request us to visit his home for few minutes as it was the day of "Bhai Phota". And his brother came to India from London only for this occasion, after listening all this we said ok, we will go. And suddenly we became part of a family whom I don't know 5 mins before. And it was a unbelievable experience. And here I'm posting one photograph of this occasion.

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From the left side first one was our driver and I'll tell his contact number ending of this blog. So if any one wants to go there, can directly contact him.

After all this again we have started our journey and reached to Joygaon at 1 pm. Joygaon is located in border of India and Bhutan. But this place is under control of Indian Army. And our first day stay was in a hotel of Joygaon. The hotel was not too luxury, I was not very happy for the hotel because of the low maintenance of that hotel room, and dust was everywhere but as we are staying only for one night so we manage with that. we ordered something for lunch and take rest for few hours. In evening we crossed the border and came to Phuentsholing by walk. As it was a walk able distance. And do some sightseeing in some monastery and back to the hotel at 9 pm after completed our dinner and over night stay in that hotel ending our 1st day of tour.

Day 2: In this day after early breakfast we went for immigration task as we are going to stay in Bhutan for next few days. So after completing this formalities, had our lunch and we started our journey towards to the Thimphu. It was 6-7 hrs of journey and after that journey we finally reach to our destination on time and we stay in a hotel called Dechen. This time I was very happy with the hotel room. After entering to the Bhutan one thing is very much noticeable and that was the cleanness of that country. But the downside was everything was high cost. It was quite strange experience yesterday night when we are travelling in both the market of India and Bhutan we found same t-shirt price was at least Rs.300 higher in Phuentsholing as compare to Joygaon. But the most important thing was we already entered in Bhutan "The Dragon City".

After reaching to the hotel we take rest for few hrs and in the evening out for sightseeing. At 9:30 pm after dinner from outside again back to the hotel and ended our day 2 trip.

Day 3: In this day we did Thimphu sightseeing by car. And visited couple of places like

Trashi Chho Dzong Changangkha Lhakhang Weekend Market Tango Goemba National Memorial Chorten Motithang Takin Preserve Dechen Phodrang National Library of Bhutan Simply Bhutan National Institute for Zorig Chusum

Most of these places are very nearby. But always one thing to remember. In every tourist places visiting price for foreigners from Rs.100 - Rs.500 . And for local people this price only Rs. 10. And although Bhutan having their own currency but Indian currency is very much acceptable there. So after spending a good day we again back to the hotel take dinner and enjoying stay at night in that hotel.

Day 4: So as usual after taking early breakfast we checkout from that hotel and we are on the way to Punakha. And after reaching to Punakha our stay was in hotel Kinten. Now after moving one hotel to another I noticed one strange thing. From room cleaning to manager everything is managing only by some women's. Very few male employees was there in the hotel. And those women's was way too strong. I remember one incident which surprised me a lot. I was carrying two big trolley with me. When we enter in the hotel one little girl took one luggage from my hand and start carrying easily towards the room. First time I was denying to give her that luggage to her. But after that I noticed she is carrying that heavy luggage very easily. She was quite used to it that I understood by seeing this scene. So after taking lunch from that hotel we went for sightseeing. And I visited places like

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Punakha Dzong, Punakha Suspension Bridge, Jigme Dorji National Park, Zangdo Pelri Temple, Chimi L hakhang Temple.

After completed our sightseeing when we drop near to our hotel at around 5 pm. We were roaming that places and searching for child's park. Near to that park we noticed another interesting thing and that was a open GYM in road sides. some children as well as some adults doing GYM at the time of returning from work or school. So in this way our day 4 trip got end in Punakha

Day 5, 6 and 7: This day I was very excited as we were going to watch worlds most dangerous airport which is located in Paro. I heard only 8 licensed pilot having permission to fly over there.

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Almost three days we were in Paro and visited lots of places over there. Here I'm attaching couple of snaps of my tour.

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