What my 8 year old thought of England (well, Birmingham)


So just over a week ago my son and I came back from England after a quick 5-day visit. I have gotten so used to the quiet life here that going back to the city usually fills me with dread!

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t been a country bumpkin all my life. Growing up in Birmingham, I have always been used to city life. I worked there, lived there and I know what it’s like. But since moving to Spain I have become accustomed to the slow pace of life that the idea of going back (even just for a little while) brings me out in sweats!

It’s been just over two years since my 8-year-old have visited the UK. With school to adjust to, I have prevented him from taking any unnecessary time off and of course, time flies, and before I knew it it’s been a few years! I feel a little guilty that it has taken this long for him to take him back. I guess it’s easier to say to family and friends ‘Come and see us!’ (you’ll get a free holiday) rather than go back to see them. So this time, I made sure that I took him back to visit over Easter.

As you can imagine, he was excited about the whole trip. He even told his class about it (so almost half the town knew were going to England). The plane ride was also a big deal. While he didn’t mind so much waking up at the crack of dawn. On the other hand, it took me at least 3 cups of coffee just to get going. But to see the excitement on his face was worth getting up at 05:00am for. But of course, I didn’t say that at the time.

After spending half of my life savings on crap on the plane we were finally getting ready to land. I wonder what he’s going to think of it all?! It’s easy to let the years go by and 2 and a bit years is a long time especially when you’re a kid. I guess he didn’t really appreciate it much back then, but now he’s at the age where he’s super eager to experience new adventures!

‘It looks like Emmerdale!’

If you don’t know what Emmerdale is, find out here.

As we were landing towards East Midlands he excitedly looked out the window and the first thing he said to me was ‘It looks like that TV programme that nan and grandad watches!’ And of course that can only mean one thing. Emmerdale.

‘Wifi on the bus? Really?! Can I play Minecraft?!’

We really live a sheltered life nowadays. Even I was impressed that they have USB, power points and wifi on buses!

‘They have super cool policemen!’

I have to admit British policemen are not as intimidating as the Spanish. My son especially loved their hats and ‘super glow in the dark jackets!’

‘The cakes, mom! The cakes!’

I was thinking the same thing. One thing that I love going back to England for! The cakes, pastry and the never ending variety of places to eat! We were in foodie heaven!

‘I want to build a bear! And that bear, and that bear!’

‘Probably the best shop ever!’ You mean you can build your own bear? Qué es esto!? Take the boy out of the campo and you get a very excited little man wanting a whole set of Star Wars bears!

‘We don’t have bulls like this in Spain!!!’

The bull made out of jelly beans made quite a big impression. He couldn’t believe that we don’t have this back in Spain! Why?!

‘Is that really a Plaza de Toros?’

Even I had a hard time explaining this one. It’s called the Bull Ring but it’s not really. Just a block of really expensive flats.

Five days sure wasn’t enough to fully enjoy the city. But we sure packed as much as we can. My son told me that this was the best trip ever! Which would explain a combination of time spent with family and how he was totally enchanted with city life. My little campo boy in the big smoke.. how sweet!

This post was originally published on 'Continental Fairy'.