5 must do in Bratislava

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Devin is ten kilometers away from Bratislava. It's a little town famous for one of the oldest castle in the entire Slovakia. The ruins of the castle are on a hill, that gives you an amazing view on the town and on the river. Devin is very easy to reach by bus (just take the 29 from the New Bridge’s stop), half a day is enough for a visit and, trust me, you will not regret it.

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Bratislava’s Castle is the symbol of the city. You can see it from every point of the city and, going to the hill, it gives you a breathless view on the city. It’s always an amazing feeling to have a view from the top, and this - in my opinion - is the perfect place to complete your visit to Bratislava.

You can reach the Castle by bus, but going by foot is a better option: it’s 20 minutes walking and, on the street, you can enjoy amazing spots!

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The first time I went to Bratislava, I didn’t have high expectations. After four days spent in this city - I had to admit - I was so pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t believe it!

Bratislava is a gorgeous city, small and quiet but, at the same time, colorful and full of surprises. It has a very nice Old Town and a lot of historical places to visit, but also everything you need for your social activities. Well, you will see with your own eyes! :)

Anyway, during your first visit to Bratislava there are 5 things to do that, in my opinion, will let your stay be more interesting.

A visit to the Blue Church

This teeny-tiny church is one of the most impressive things you will see in Bratislava. Officially named St. Elizabeth Church, like from a fairy tale it is completely blue: the facade, the mosaics, the majolicas, the interior, even the roof is tiled with blue-glazed ceramics. The church is an art nouveau building, built in the early 20th century, and it’s situated in a very nice area, in the eastern part of the Old Town of Bratislava.

You absolutely have to visit the Blue Church, and don’t forget your camera: you will need it! :)

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To look for Bratislava statues

All over the Old Town, you will meet several sculpture in human size: they are some of the most photographed attractions in Bratislava, and you can’t be satisfied of your visit if you don’t take a funny photo too! :)

While you’ll be walking through the Old Town streets, you will meet the Cumil, the Paparazzi, Napoleon, the Soldier and many more. Just be careful and look around!

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Enjoying the view from the Castle

To eat local food

Eastern Europe food is very tasteful and nourishing, they say because of the need to defend themselves from the cold weather. Anyway, Slovak food is simply delicious.

I highly recommend you to try the national course bryndzové halušky, potato pasta dumplings mixed with a soft salty cheese, the bryndza. Slovak soup are very famous and tasty too, in particular the cesnaková polievka, a garlic soup often served in a bread loaf.

So, during your travel don’t forget to keep some time to enjoy the local food!

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Going to Devin

Ready to go to explore this gorgeous city? :)

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