Sorry men, it's raining spiders this time!


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Photo of Sorry men, it's raining spiders this time! by Saumitra Shinde

We all rejoice at the sight of those dark clouds hovering above our head during monsoon. To experience the first rain and the cold monsoon winds, we will travel to the most cliched destinations and click our 'first rain selfies'.  

You reach that destination with all the gusto and get ready to click your first #monsoonselfie, and that's when a tiny 8 legged creature crawls down on your head from the sky.

Photo of Sorry men, it's raining spiders this time! 1/1 by Saumitra Shinde
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And when you look up it's not just one spider but hundreds of them hanging above you. Goodbye happy memories! You will be living your worst possible nightmare.

And shockingly for some Brazilians, this nightmare has come true. No, we are not even joking about this!

Espírito Santo do Dourado, a small town in Brazil has witnessed one of the most unusual phenomena. Locals have spotted and recorded hundreds of spiders raining down from the sky like some demonic interference. 

This video was recorded by a 14-year-old kid when he spotted tiny black dots suspended in the sky. Upon reaching the spot he was confronted by this creep-stunt of nature.

This may seem to be a very unusual incident but in fact, the spiders are seen hanging in a giant web to catch their preys. Their webs are literally invisible to the human eyes that it looks as if they are hanging from the sky.

As per the experts, this nightmarish gathering of spiders is typical in hot and humid regions of the planet.

Now that we have shared this creepy news don't forget to carry an umbrella on your first monsoon trip. Or else you can lend a Chattri from Bunty Bhai.

If you know of any such unsual occurences than do share them with us here.

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