5 beginner treks near Mumbai


Escape your mundane city lives and enter the world of adventure!

Photo of 5 beginner treks near Mumbai by Nikita Arora

A week full of workload can be straining for us city-dwellers!

At the end of it, we just want to escape that tiny cubicle and venture the outdoors. Going for a hike sounds like a fun option to explore the outside world, but it also brings up many doubts.

Even though we love the idea of going for a hike and sipping some tea while enjoying a mesmerizing view, the thought of the exhaustion that follows brings down our excitement. The thought of being unable to complete the trek stops us from starting it in the first place!

However, since trekking is one of the most liberating outdoor activities, I just had to look for a solution. So, here’s a list of 5 beginner treks near Mumbai.

1. Karnala Fort Trek

If you’re looking for a Sunday-morning monsoon hike, Karnala Fort is the best option for you! This two hour trek will give you that quick dose of adrenaline rush you need to face the dreadful Monday morning!

Hiking in the midst of lush green forests, absolutely drenched in rainwater is simply breathtaking. ​The view of the ruins of the Karnala Fort and the Shiva temple is an added bonus.

The site is only 10 kms away from Panvel city, which makes it the perfect destination for a quick one-day hike. Moreover, the Fort is a protected area within the Karnala bird sanctuary, so you’re likely to see delightful fauna too.

​2. Lohagad Fort Trek

Another great option for a one-day hike is the Lohagad Fort Trek. It’s a perfect trek for beginners who wish to venture the outdoors.

The trek involves climbing a series of steps, making it an easy trail to follow. The trek is an exhilarating experience for the first-timers, especially during the monsoons when the area is covered with vibrant greenery. ​

Exploring this scenic Fort and it’s four intact gates is a thrilling adventure. In the trail, there is a diversion that leads to the Bhaja Caves, which is also an exciting scout.

​3. Naneghat Trek

If one wishes to explore the history of Maharashtra, the Naneghat Trek is the perfect choice.

Naneghat is a serene mountain pass in the Western Ghats. It used to be a trade route used by the Satvahannahs. The Naneghat trek has uneven trails that lead to untouched patches of nature.

The historic caves and the fascinating carvings provide a splendid experience for those adventure junkies who have immense love for ancient sites. ​​

4. Rajmachi Trek (Via Lonavala)

The Rajmachi Trek, due to the fireflies trek and the monsoon trek, make it an ideal site for most trekkers.

While the fireflies trek exposes one to tiny lightening bugs flying under the starry night sky, the monsoon trek opens up the natural world of flourishing flora and wonderful waterfalls. Both experiences at this site are worthwhile for all you city-dwellers!

There are two routes to follow for the Rajmachi trek- via Karjat or via Lonavla. For beginners, the Lonavla trail is the ideal option. ​​

5. Korigad Fort Trek

The Korigad Fort is also an ideal site for first-timers, since it’s a walk of about 15-20 minutes, followed by a bunch of steps to reach the top.

​ Though this is great trekking experience throughout the year, it is especially refreshing during the monsoon, when the weather is pleasant and the flora is in abundance.

All the treks mentioned above are beginner level, easy grade treks. So, overcome all the excuses, put on your hiking boots and go on an adventure!