A day amidst history in Chittorgarh

23rd Dec 2022
Photo of A day amidst history in Chittorgarh by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

We all have heard stories of Chittorgarh from the time we were kids. Chittorgarh resonates the stories of bravery, sacrifice and courage of Rajputs.

When To Visit: The best time to visit Chittorgarh is during the extended winter season, which generally starts from October and lasts will February. We visited Chittorgarh during the last week of December.

How to Visit: Chittorgarh can be reached easily from Udaipur in around 2hrs by road/ train. From Jaipur Chittorgarh is around 5.5/6hrs drive.

Stay : There are many budget hotels in the Chittorgarh city and most of them offer a beautiful view of the fort , situation atop the Hills. We stayed at Hotel The Grand ,Chittor which has fort/ river view rooms. It was genuinely a great stay and food(vegetarian only) was also good .

Chittorgarh fort is obviously the most iconic tourist location here. It is a majestic fort and stands atop the 180m high hill and spreads across 700 acres. There are many families staying inside the fort even now.

Though, the violent attacks over the period of time has demolished parts of the fort , however some part of it stands tall even today!

This fort is huge and definitely cannot be covered by walk! The best plan is to take your own vehicle or rent an auto. They can take you to the important locations. Consider hiring a guide and they can walk you through the history and bring back the memories of the stories that we have been hearing since childhood.

Kalika Mata Temple : Next move to Kalika Mata Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is considered as a symbol of Power.

Meera Bai Temple : Chittorgarh boasts the only Mirabai Temple in the location. It is situated inside a temple complex with two other temples.


Photo of Kalika Mata Temple, Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

Fateh Prakash Palace : You can start your day by Getty your tickets and then directly going to the Fateh Prakash Palace which is now a museum and has a beautiful armoury collection.

Beautiful garden inside Fateh Prakash Palace

Photo of Fateh Prakash Palace - Government Museum, Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

Vijay Stambh : Vijay Stambh was built by Maharana Kumbha to commemorate the victory of Maharana Kumbha in the war against rulers of Malwa. This is a nine storey tower with detailed scriptures . Entry inside the Tower of Victory is now closed.

The Johar area is situated just adjacent to the Vijay Stambh. Though completely unrecognizable now with the garden in this area, however the guides and share specifics of the spine chilling stories of Rajput Women sacrifices!

Vijaya Stambh

Photo of Vijay Stambh, Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

Kirti Stambh : The Tower of Fame is a seven storied structure and is situated adjacent to the Jain Temple.

Rani Padmini Palace : This is probably by far the most discussed palace because of it's historical importance. This was built amidst a lake and used to be the summer abode for Queen Padmini.

Also consider visiting Ratan Singh Palace nearby.

Rani Padmini Palace

Photo of Rani Padmini Mahal, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

Gamukh Reservoir: This is a deep water tank fed by a spring. This is considered sacred by the locals as the spring emerges from a rock which resembles Gaumukh!

Gamukh Reservoir

Photo of A day amidst history in Chittorgarh by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

Rana Kumbha Palace : Most of Rana Kumbha Palace was destroyed during the multiple attacks on Chittorgarh. The walls that are still standing bears the wrath of time.

These are the must visit points inside the Chittorgarh Fort. Also consider experiencing the wonderful light and sound show which happens every day during the evening in the gardens of Rana Kumbha Palace. Consider booking tickets in advance to save time .

Chittorgarh is a huge chapter in the pages of Rajput history. It bears the stories of courage and sacrifice and is a must visit place in Rajasthan.

Rana Kumbha Palace

Photo of Rana Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India by Chandrima Bhattacharyya

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