Stunning views of Montserrat

Photo of Stunning views of Montserrat by Enotus

I've just returned from a three day stay at the amazing Stunning Views of Montserrat, which sits on the southwestern end of the island of Trinidad & Tobago. I've been to the top and talked to some of the locals who stopped there during their vacation. It's a fantastic destination for a biking holiday, with plenty of awesome views to take in. Here's my take on what I did on my trip and some recommendations for things to do in the area.

Montserrat is a book to be read with a guide. Therefore, to climb the sacred mountain, I booked an individual tour on And to save myself from transport problems, I rented a car at Barcelona airport using the service.

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The first morning I woke up, had breakfast and then rode out to the first stop on the road trip - a hot air balloon ride over Montserrat's beautiful coastline. This was an experience which took a little over an hour, as we were lucky enough to arrive early so we could take advantage of the early bird landing. We had a delicious lunch which included some locally caught venison, and enjoyed watching the balloon rise to the sky. Whilst it wasn't actually a balloon flight, I think the views were worth the journey, and when it finally reached its destination it was spectacular. A quick trip back to the T&T restaurant convinced me that there is nothing quite like a balloon flight, and I've never found a better place for them.

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As the day progressed, the views became a little more diverse, and I decided to stop off at a roadside cafe for a quick bite to eat before I went on to explore some of the nearby attractions. Whilst I was there I managed to capture a short video of the passing scenery on my mobile phone, and also discovered that there are actually many motorway journeys going past this part of Montserrat. I didn't manage to get a photo of the exact passing scenery, but I'll leave it to you to check out the videos on my website to get a more accurate depiction. I didn't spend too much time wandering the countryside, as the roads tend to be pretty smooth, and if you're in a good position you can simply turn round and head back home.

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After a quick stop at one of the cafes on the main drag, I set off once again with my camera in tow, this time heading towards Solsona. Although there were fewer cars on the road, it felt just as thrilling to be snapping such breathtaking views as I did in Mano Juan, I must admit I didn't try and capture the same panoramic views I had from Mano Juan. I'm not sure why, maybe it's just something about Montserrat that makes panoramic images just so much sweeter. The Solsona mountain range is a gorgeous landscape, and you can always spend a lazy afternoon hiking along its slopes. If you're not a fan of hiking though, there's no reason why you couldn't enjoy the Solsona Bay by day, then return to your car in the evening to catch the fantastic late night light show.

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As soon as we arrived at the start of the road, we set off again to see what we could catch. I opted to take the'Cycle' path that runs along the top of the hill above Solsona bay. It was a good route as it follows the contours of the terrain a little more naturally, and I managed to pick up a few great views over the valley below. There are plenty of nature trails to follow along the way, as well as a wide variety of paths for the biking fan.

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From the Cycle path it was a simple matter of cycling back to the car, and I made a point to stop off at a stunning viewpoint over Montserrat's capital city of Portakal before I turned into my house. Once inside I was greeted with the most stunning views of the island that I could ever hope to see, and I couldn't help myself getting carried away. The Solsona coastline has to offer everything from peaceful walks, to mountain biking, to beach holidays, to relaxing spa treatments, and it has all in front of you. If you're looking for some truly breathtaking views of the beautiful island of Montserrat then it's definitely worth taking a look!