Adventurer at heart? Check out 5 spectacular destinations for night treks in India


Many of you, who love adventure must have tried your hands at trekking and must be aware of how appealing this activity is! Did this ever make you wonder that there are places for night trekking in India too? We've all been left mesmerised by the starry nights in the mountains gazing at that sky full of silver dots. It's time we also enjoy the silence amid wild forests, and the ascending moonlit of a night trek. All you need to do is, to look in the right places! And here is a guide to the places that will offer you an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

Few night treks you can explore on the most beautiful hilltops in India.

a. Harishchandragadh Trek

Harishchandragad trek is one of the most popular treks in Maharashtra. Much talked about treks amongst the trekkers, this is a trek that defines the level of difficulty as it begins during night and leads to vast plains and dense vegetation that also includes patches of water. This trek is sure to test your endurance, but will also soothe your soul by its charming ambience and surrounding. You do get to rest up a little, inside the caves or in the temple at Harishchandragad before returning in the morning. Definitely one of the treks that you must try once, this will take about 8 hours and is quite challenging.

b. Dhotrey Tonglu Trek

Miles away from the beautiful town of Darjeeling, Tonglu is a-six-hour thrilling trek that you can take at night or even during the day. But, if you want to experience the picturesque view from the Tonglu Top and watch the sun rise, you should take this trek in the night. So, next time if you are in Darjeeling, do opt for this off-beat experience and you will not be disappointed.

c. Anthargange Trek

If you're looking for an epic adventure, Anthargange night trek is something you shouldn't miss! Offering you the opportunity of exploring a cave, this trek is totally worth it! Walk through narrow paths where you discover the formations made by the volcanic rocks and boulders as you enter a maze-like route. After hours of walking and climbing, you will be greeted by an open sky filled with glittering stars and you will feel a sigh of satisfaction. Do not miss the main part of the trek which is the Anthargange temple.

d. Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek

About 80 km from Bangalore, Rangnathaswamy is one-of-a-kind trek in South India, that offers stunning views of Savandurga range and Cauvery river. One of the most popular night trek, it will take you approx. 6 hours to reach the summit. Also known as BR Hills, this night trek is the most preferred trekking locations and is loved by an adventurer. Should definitely be taken to engage in a thrilling experience with a beautiful sunrise!

e. Rajmachi Trek

About 18 km hike, Rajmachi trek starts from Lonavala and is a must experience if you want to feel an adrenaline rush. Surrounded by lush green forests, beautiful yet buzzing insects, you will take approx. 12 hours to complete this night trek. However, there's a lot that you can explore on the way, - a halt at a tiny village is where you can either opt for a camp or a homestay. While you move forward, you will reach the fort in the morning, so enjoy views from the top as it will surely make up to your tiring soul.

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Happy Trekking!