Short Hikes and Treks near Mumbai That Will Easily Fit Into Your Weekend Plans


Treks near Mumbai around the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats are still part of an unexplored territory for Mumbaikars. While there are a few hiking groups that operate around the region, most of the forts and hilltops can be explored independently. Not only does the experience of trekking near Mumbai offer a break from the tedious city life, but the visits to the historical forts also give you some important lessons in Maratha history.

Exploring the treks near Mumbai:

1. Kalsubai

At a height of 5400 feet, Kalsubai is the highest peak in the Sahyadri Ranges to trek near Mumbai. It is located in the Ahmednagar and Nashik District Border in the Bhandardara Region. The peak is named after the Kalsubai Temple which attracts several hikers and pilgrims to this quaint spot throughout the year. The route is fairly easy and ladders are installed on the trail for easy access.

Base village for the hike: Bari

Hiking time: Roughly 2.5 - 3hrs to climb

2. Harishchandragad

Forts in the region around Pune need a special mention in this list of treks near Mumbai since the potential of outdoor activities in the area has clearly not been met. Harishchandragad fort in the Ahmednagar District dates back to the 6th century and a short hike to the top gives you a surreal view from the Konkan Kada. Visit the Kedareshwar Cave and spend the night under the stars.

Base village for the hike: Khireshwar Village

Distance between Base village from Mumbai: 138 km

Hiking time: 2 hour

Image Credits: Samson

Photo of Harishchandragad, Maharashtra 421401 by Disha Kapkoti

3. Vasota Fort

A bus journey from Mumbai to Satara and further to the village called Barnoli will take you to the spot where the hike begins. Vasota Jungle trek near Mumbai starts with a delightful hour long ferry ride. The Fort was a Maratha base during the Swarajya Mission and this hike could give you a chance to get a sneak peek into the incredible local history of Maharashtra.

Base Village: Barnoli (40 kms from Satara)

Distance between Mumbai to Satara: 256km

Hiking time: 3 hours

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Photo of Vasota Fort, Choravane, Maharashtra 415718, India by Disha Kapkoti

4. Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is a popular hiking destination with two major treks near Mumbai. First trail starts from Lonavala and is relatively longer. A two day hike is advisable on this route. The second and shorter trail starts at Udhewadi and is a 4 hours hike. You can also visit the legendary Kondane Caves. The trail is well-marked and the hike can be completed without any guides.

Base Village: Udhewadi

Distance between Mumbai and Udhewadi: 94kms

Hiking Time: 4 hours

Image Credits: Kandoi.Sid

Photo of Rajmachi Trek, Kondhane, Maharashtra 410201, India by Disha Kapkoti

5. Sandhan Valley

This incredible hiking location is hidden in the Western Ghats near Ratangad. The valley with 200 feet deep gorges in the Bhandardara Region is a landscape for every nature lover to feast their eyes on. You can rappel down to reach the base. Walk through the water in the gorge that's only 4 to 5 ft deep and adds to the thrill of the experience.

Base Village: Samrad

Distance between Mumbai and Samrad: 182 kms

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Photo of Sandhan Valley, Maharashtra by Disha Kapkoti
Day 1

6. Kulang Trek

Unlike the other treks near Mumbai, trekking in the Alang Madan Kulang range of the Sahyadris is counted as the most challenging trail. The daunting view of the three-hill forts can be seen while you travel from Mumbai to Nashik. Climbing this region of the Sahyadris requires good climbing skills and trekking to Kulang is relatively easier than the other two.

There are two trekking routes to Kulang.

Route 1: takes you to Kulang from Igatguri via Ghoti and Ambewadi.

Route 2: Starts from Igatpuri goes via Bahuli Village, from where a trek to Kurangwadi takes 4 hours. Another 1 hour trek takes you to the Kulang base.

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Photo of Kulang, Kurungwadi, Maharashtra 422604 by Disha Kapkoti

7. Tikona Fort

At a distance of an hour from Pune, Tikona fort is a quaint spot that offers trekking near Mumbai. Facing Lake Pavna, this is a pyramid-shaped hilltop that catches your eye from a distance. On your visit to the fort, hikers may also explore the nearby Tung Fort. Guides on the route would give you a detailed information on the flora and fauna of the region. As far as the history goes, the fort had immense strategic importance during the Maratha-Mughal power tussle in the Pawana Mawal Region.

Base Village: Peth Tikona

Distance between Mumbai and Peth Tikona: 111 kms

Hiking Time: 1 and a half hours

Photo of Tikona Fort, Tikona hiking Trail, Maharashtra 412108, India by Disha Kapkoti

8. Lohagad Fort

Also known as the Iron Fort, Lohagad fort is a fort that rises to an elevation of 3348 ft in the western ghats. As a vantage point it was at a crucial spot and Shivaji Maharaj used this fort as his treasury. The fort is connected by road through Mumbai-Pune Highway. The forst is also connected to Visapur, which is also one of the trekking spots.

Distance from Mumbai to Lohagad: 94 kms

Photo of Lohagad, Maharashtra 410406, India by Disha Kapkoti

Mumbaikars seem quite blessed being surrounded by an incredible landscape that awaits their visit! Have you been on a trek near Mumbai that's not mentioned on the list? Hit the comments section and tell me all about it.

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