Unplanned trips are best. 

1st Jun 2017
Photo of Unplanned trips are best.  1/3 by Shefali
Photo of Unplanned trips are best.  2/3 by Shefali
Photo of Unplanned trips are best.  3/3 by Shefali

One fine afternoon, after being done with my master's thesis and getting my stipend money, a thought came to spend that money in the best possible way, after all it was the first hard earned money. I rang up my friend, who keeps travelling and is a bit smarter in this area. Telling her my desire to go to McLeod she beamed with happiness and we booked our tickets for the next day. Let me tell you, it's better to book tickets from the tourism department as they are a little light on the pocket. We boarded our bus from Kashmiri gate and had a nice overnight journey. Reaching to our destination, without any prior booking for hotels, we were escalated along with a bit tensed. After taking a good walk around McLeod, we found this really nice hotel, dumping our bags there and after a bit of relaxing, we left for our trek to Triund. Before hand, we were told to book our tents from Moonlight cafe (btw the cafe is really sexy) but but, we were told that it's in McLeod and it's not it's in Dharamkot and nearly walked 4kms in search of that cafe. After all that drama, we booked our tent and left for the destination.

Trekking is not an easy task, especially if you aren't someone who works out regularly (like my friend) taking N number of breaks, and almost giving up we reached to our final destination around six in the evening, and oh boy, it was all worth it. Reaching on top of the mountain, watching the sunset and feeling the cold breeze makes it all worth it. Nights are even better, after setting our tent and having our maggie, without any technological hindrances, we sat on those small rocks and had conversation, yes, which is a rare trait these days. The moment we planned to get inside our tents some fellow trekkers had bonfire and a jam session, that was one of the best nights of my life till date.

Next day I made sure to get up early watch the sunrise and trust me, I never had such a picturesque morning than this. We started returning and by 11 am we were back at our hotel room. We planned to see around but were so tired that we decided to rest and roam around the local market and cafes and we did come across this cute rooftop cafe, had a relaxed evening and next morning left for Delhi.

This one was my first random trip, executed from my own first earned money and it was all worth it :)