How solo travel helped me rediscover myself

16th Jun 2021
Photo of How solo travel helped me rediscover myself by Neha Jain

Ever since I took a solo trip, I am not the same person anymore. A lot goes behind planning a trip,executing it and coming back home safely. Before we go into my experience of solo travel and how it has helped me rediscover myself,let me give you a little brief of my life.

Since childhood I was always a curious child who loved to discover : People,Places,Cuisines and Cultures .Asking a lot of questions about anything and everything was my nature and travel helped me to come close to it.Since I was always amazed by diversity of culture in our country, I always wanted to explore more but I was always accompanied by either my parents or my partner I somehow felt restricted in my exploration of Local people,Local villages,local food and culture .I wanted to be a traveller not a tourist by staying at those places for a little while to imbibe everything about that place.

I somehow felt the need to travel solo as it is really difficult for you to find two people of same interested at least it was difficult in my case as I had no friends who would be interested to travel with me the way I wanted to travel. So I decided to travel solo and now begins the real challenge "which place to visit".

I did a lot of research,read a lot of articles and decided to head to dharamshala and came back with a lot of self-realizations which has helped me to grow as an individual

1. It helped Me Conquer My Fears: I never knew that I have so many fears deep rooted in my brain.With the passage of time,I got to know the kind of fears I have which I still need to work on.

2. It helped me to become a responsible person: Since I was always accompanied by my family so I never got the chance to take full responsibility of anything I do.Here for the first time I decided everything from what would I want to eat to which all places I would visit.It was so liberating experience.

3. It took me out of my comfort zone: I never planned an entire trip by myself and now doing it all by myself and pushing my boundaries each time to a new event was sometimes overwhelming initially but later with time I got used to of entertaining changes to my life.

4. It forced me to make choices which I never made before: With this trip I realised that we make so many choices out of our compulsive habits which are not even needed when people even don't have sufficient resources to sustain their lives.

I would plan another trip soon to some beach area where I would again be reliving my fears and insecurities to finally come out of them.