The couch-potato who trekked

31st Dec 2017
Photo of The couch-potato who trekked by Olivia Dev Roy
Day 1

I'm usually the kind of person who takes an autorickshaw for any commute over 200m. New Year's eve last year, I got my heart broken by a friend and I couldn't just stick around my B school hostel to feel any more lonely than I had to. The lack of dopamine made me say yes to a group of friends traveling to Dharamshala to trek onwards to Triund Top. Anything apart from my gloomy campus was a great idea (or so I thought). The first 3kms of the trek are moderate, my limbs and inspiring depression had already given up by that stretch. The next 2kms I whined the ears off of my friends' gang. The other 2kms I was praying for death or for my guide to shut up, with all his "Jaldi chalo madam upar andhera ho jaega" at every 10minute interval to which my response was "Meri lash le jana tum upar". But the last 2kms,when I couldn't feel my legs, my chest was thumping to its maximum potential, we were slipping and gripping on to slippery ice-soil mix- was the best. The maggi, chai-pakoda sitting on ice, overlooking the vast expanse of the Himalayas and the city of Dharamshala below, gave me perspective. 1. I should never let my sadness get the better of me while deciding on such intense trips but most importantly 2. It's New Year, I'm on a gorgeous chunk of the Himalayas, life is so much beyond the pain of a breakup. Everything heals, with time, with travel. #lifechangingtrip