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Amazing Dubai is a part of The United Arab Emirates and it a vacation hotspot for any type of traveller. Dubai was built on a desert and today it is the part of an elite club of most modern cities in the world.

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Dubai is famous for Luxury shopping, Ultra-modern architecture and a die for Nightlife, having said that Dubai has very well preserved its rich cultural beauty. Dubai has been the talk of the town because of having built the world's tallest building and the job has been done so well that the building "Burj Khalifa" is just not the tallest but one of the most beautiful building to admire once you have a glance at it.

I have alway been fascinated about Dubai because of the simplicity it has to offer but yet so modern. Dubai is the only place where you will find a seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab, An artificial archipelago of various small Island constructed in the shape of the world map.

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A person planning to travel to Dubai need not worry about anything, Dubai has a very well connected local transportation hence you will have no issue commuting around and being a cosmopolitan city it has a wide variety of cuisines to offer so no matter which country you are coming from, you will get a meal of your taste. So head out and visit Dubai as soon as possible and if you have travelled Dubai before then do comment down below and give us the privilege to understand what you like about this wonderful city called Dubai.

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See you next time till then Happy Travelling To You!

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