Marhaba Dubai.. A 5 day trip to U.A.E.

13th May 2014
Photo of Marhaba Dubai.. A 5 day trip to U.A.E. by Travel Fanatic
Day 1

Good Morning !! Its 7:00 AM.. Packing is done, handbag packing is yet to get loaded. The flight was Emirates from Mumbai to Dubai. I was all set and plan was to reach the airport by 11:30 AM or 11:45 AM. So I started from my home at approx morning 09:30 AM. I was exhorbitantly charged around INR 500 for 16 kms to International Airport, departure section 6 where Emirates counter is at sub-section L or M. So I reached by 11:15 AM and was 45 Minutes prior to my schedule. I had alot of movies, music, games been stuffed in spite of the world class IFE.. LOL ! Finally the 12:00 PM Noon was set and they opened up the check-in counters. I collected the boarding pass and I got the best seat. It was 23A and was a window to relish my wing view love and experience the louder engine for first time, their maintenance was too good which did not give out much noise. I had to pass my time there at the airport and I tasted the Paneer Rolls there. I was all set to depart and the flight just loaded in at Gate 61 as I have a faint memory to it. The moment the flight reached the taxi way end to the Runway my excitement already escalated itself and our flight really showed up strong speeding during takeoff.. We were soon in the air and this was my first International Trip. Finally after a nice 3 Hour long flight to Dubai. The terminal 3 was fabulously crafted by the team over there. But this was not yet the end, the city showed me everything which surprised me alot. I was at a relatives place and that was like one aid to my staying expenses and I have immense gratitude towards their such a gesture.

Day 2

Early in the morning I had a lovely family breakfast and now I planned to proceed out to explore by my self. The bus and the metro pass is immensely helpful to bring the cost down. Travelling by a taxi there could just increase the cost and play around with your other shopping plans if you are on a thin budget, even I was on a quite thin budget. So I proceeded towards the Rotana Hotel from which my city tour pickup was done. I had a half day city tour sightseeing which included a beautiful moment outside The Atlantis and Burj Al Arab. Further I saw the Dubai museum and by 03:00 PM I was kind of free. I proceeded towards the Mall of Emirates and I was busy strolling in the mall admiring everything I saw and experienced. So I did not have an idea it was already 08:00 PM and I was supposed to get back home. I was picked up by my relative and I came back home, shared some photographs I clicked. Had my dinner and went off to sleep. Now the excitement began, my other relative was supposed to come that night. So I and my relative went to pick her up, once we reached home, we got to know she got the wrong bag. Also, the tag was CDG and I understood that the lady has a connecting flight to Paris. We rushed back approx 60 kms back to Airport. Luckily the DNATA guys were too helpful and got the bags properly exchanged at the baggage center probably near to Terminal 1. We came back home and the scene took us nearly 02:00 AM and we reached home. Totally in sweat and you come to know the electricity has gone on a holiday. Oh shoot ! The man comes in at 04:00 AM and examines the entire line. It was a wire break. The line would get better the next day only. It was already next day technically after 1200 Hours AM.

Day 3

Barely managed to sleep for 2 hours with some Indian Tactics I knew how to get a bit fine in case of no fan or no AC in such a hot weather to sleep. So I used some tactics and managed a nice 2 Hours of sleep. I got up and got ready to proceed towards the Desert Safari and Belly Dance program that goes on in Dubai. I was accompanied by a Punjabi Driver and together was a family who had come for a vacation from Paris. Even they were like me who stayed at their relatives residence. We got all socialized there and enjoyed the day thoroughly. Finally on reaching back home. The electricity was back at the place. Had my dinner and slept again.

Day 4

Today, my brother had holiday as it was a Friday ( Fri-yay ) for him. So today we all headed to Abu Dhabi. Thoroughly loved the cruising of his car at 180 kmph. Never ever felt that butterflies in stomach which is quite a dream of someone who loves riding in a car. So we saw the Sheikh Zayed Mosque there and spent a beautiful time at the cornice. Finally I had Indian Food here at Bombay Dining I suppose at Abu Dhabi. Saw the Etihad Towers there and loved the city. The glam and everything is quite catchy. We were back to Dubai city and now proceeded to the Musical Fountain and Dubai Mall Visit. I shot the entire performance which the water guns do and that's a man made marvel performance that is quite popular now a days like sand art. Its not correct comparing the two but the brilliance level is worth and excellence is quite worthy.

Day 5

Today was the day I was saying a seeya to Dubai. It was a very emotional goodbye to my relatives. I deliberately took a late Emirates Flight back home. I purchased a lot of Dates ( India: Khajur ) from Dubai for my family members and other relatives. My cousin dropped me at the airport after tasting a lovely dish at Manisha's kitchen in Bur Dubai or Karama. Also I visited the souk and Lord Shrinathji's Havelli there in Dubai being a Vaishnav. I went onto the airport later at Terminal 3. I was back home by midnight and a little late. I had the best memories. I know I missed out on YAS Water World which was not built back in 2014. I missed out on Emirates Miracle Garden which was not yet built then. I enjoyed the Umm - Suquiem Beach which is brilliant and I visited on a bright Sunny Noon which needs to be visited in the evening. Alright, I'll take these things into consideration and plan one more trip here. The best one would be the Bollywood Park and LegoLand with other 2 - 3 new stuff there. Otherwise its a very beautiful place and getting social to a local emirati and conversing with them about the place and getting to know their views about the place is quite a worth !

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