Booking Your Vacation This Summer - Why Not Try A Real Taste Of Italian Life?


For hundreds of years Italy has been a country that has enchanted its visitors with its language, food and culture, most people who visit one of its many beautiful cities or regions fall in love instantly and either never want to go home or can not wait to return once more. Italy is like a beautiful diamond, each facet reflecting another wonderful slice of Italian life tempting people back time and time again. Holidaying in Italy is a joy that you must experience at least once in your life, whether it's the magical fantasy city of Venice, the majestic city of Florence or the antiquity and heritage that is Rome, each city and region has something totally different to offer the tourist but each place is unmistakably Italian. It doesn't really matter where or when you visit Italy, although there are some times of the year that are better than others and regions that are nicer than others there isn't really a bad time to go as you will always experience all that is good about Italian life. If you are thinking of visiting where can you start to really get a taste of all that is good about Italy?

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The best way to get a flavour for the real Italy is to find somewhere away from the bigger cities but still close enough to pop in and out to experience the hustle and bustle of everyday Italian life, generally this would mean renting out a private holiday home somewhere in the country and hiring a car to get you around. Although you can get a feel for Italian life by staying in a bigger city you will miss out on so much more Italian culture as Italian cities tend to be as cosmopolitan as anywhere in the world but with the added twist of Italian life thrown in.

One of the best regions to be able to totally encapsulate yourself in the Italian way of life is the beautiful island of Sardinia which at some points is nearer the continent of Africa than Europe but still has that totally unspoiled Italian feel to it. Sardinians are very proud people and are very passionate about their heritage and their culture, which they will tell you is Sardinian and not Italian. Sardinia has more days of sunshine than any where else in Italy with an average of over 300 days a year there really is not a bad time to visit. No wonder the Sardinians have a longer life expectancy than anyone else in Europe, all that sunshine and a wonderful diet of fish, tomatoes, olives, pasta, bread and red wine is enough to keep anyone from wanting to die.

Sardinia has so many beautiful beaches situated on either side of the island, the east being the more expensive and chic Costa Smerelda and the west being the Alghero coast. Alghero is the main tourist destination but do not let that put you off, it is not like one of the many other Europe tourist destinations that is full of cheap and tacky souvenir stalls, on the contrary, Alghero is a swish little fishing port that has many traditional restaurants and bars and is still a favourite vacation destination of the Italians from the mainland. If it is good enough for the Italians to holiday there then it must be good.

May through to July are beautiful months and August is by far and away the busiest as this is when the Italians invade in their thousands. Hotel rooms are booked up way in advance and the town gets over-crowded very easily, this is why you would be wise to look for holiday homes to rent in Sardinia that are out of the town a few miles, it is easy enough to get in and out of the town if you hire a car and popping in to the town at night to enjoy a late evening stroll with the other holiday makers is always a pleasant experience.

Renting a holiday home in Sardinia is a cheap and easy way to get to see the way that real Italians and Sardinians live their daily lives and can give you a real insight into Italian and Sardinian culture. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming and are always interested in learning about new people, you may even find yourself being invited around to your neighbours house for a meal and a glass or two of vino rosso.

So why not look at indulging yourself in a little bit of Italian life this year and look at renting a holiday home in Sardinia this summer.

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