My week in Paris <3

10th Dec 2019
Photo of My week in Paris <3 by Anne Gallegos

Last year December, my partner got down on one knee and promised his life to me in the city of love. He knew I'd always dreamed of going to Paris, ever since I was a starry-eyed teen so he planned my dream vacation for our anniversary. We stayed in a beautiful little hotel called Le Narcisse Blanc. The hotel staff were very friendly and soon my partner and I felt quite at home. The hotel had a pool and a spa as well as a restaurant. We were within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees.

The trip was amazing overall but there were a few things that stood out.

For our next trip my partner and I will hopefully be visiting Europe to see the Amsterdam Light Festival

The Eiffel Tower

I've dreamed of standing underneath the Eiffel Tower while the love of my life kisses my cheek ever since I was old enough to know that Paris is the city of love. My partner made my dream come true on our second day. We gazed out at the cloudy city from the top of the tower and I fell in love.

We returned to the Tower a few times on our trip. We walked to it every night to watch it sparkle while drinking hot chocolate and eating crepes.

Rue de Rivoli

I love to shop so the Rue de Rivoli was a must-see for me. I'd only ever seen pictures or heard about it through friends. My partner isn't a big shopper but he promised that I could have one full day where I could shop until my heart is content (he even carried the bags). I was dying to see H&M, Zara and whatever else Paris has to offer. I was not disappointed. I even stumbled into an art residence where I purchased a few pieces for our home.

The Food

While searching for a place to eat, my partner was insistent on a place that served French onion soup. He's obsessed with onions and orders it at our local Parisian themed restaurant but was desperate to try the real thing. I had always heard amazing things about the food in Paris and it did not disappoint. I'm managed to get my hands on a plate of escargot (but not before I posted a picture of them on Instagram).

I'm also a huge pastry fan so my husband and I went searching for croissants every morning. We tried three different cafes but nothing compared to Restaurant Cleo (which was located in our hotel!).

Champs Elysees

The Champs Elysees was also on my list of things to see. I'd heard about the amazing restaurants that line the street and I found the best pizza imaginable in Cafe di Roma! Needless to say, we went back again (and again). The smell of mulled wine and Christmas trees drew me to the Christmas market on the Champs. My husband and I both drank enough mulled wine to last us a lifetime. I also managed to get amazing gifts for my friends and family back home from the market. I am halfway finished with a handmade vanilla soap bar I bought there and am already planning on a way to go back and get more!

The Louvre, Centre Pompidou and Musee d'Orsay

I am a huge fan of art. I studied graphic design and am obsessed with painting! So, of course, we had to visit the Louvre! My future husband and I took the most amazing picture in front of the pyramid. We spent the whole morning staring at art (the Mona Lisa is way smaller than I thought it would be) and by lunchtime, we were both exhausted! Nobody ever warns you how much energy galleries consume.

We also visited the beautiful Musee d'Orsay where I got to look at some of my favourite impressionist paintings up close and captured some amazing photographs.

Lastly, we visited Centre Pompidou, which is home to some of the most amazing modern artworks ever created. The view from the top of the art gallery was spectacular. I was thankful we set aside so much time for art galleries!

There is way more to see in Paris so I'm hoping that my future husband will agree to take me there for our honeymoon.

- Anne x