8 Best Vegan Restaurants in the Vegan Capital of Europe: Berlin!

Photo of 8 Best Vegan Restaurants in the Vegan Capital of Europe: Berlin! by Khyati Maloo

Berlin was crowned the Vegetarian capital of the world in 2015, by Good Taste Awards. Having grown up in India, I would disagree. Having visited Berlin (and a few Asian countries around the globe) I would say it is undoubtedly the Vegetarian capital of the western world. There is no dearth of vegan restaurants in Berlin.

I went for my first European adventure in March-April 2019. My interest in the rich history of Germany drew me towards it and so I went to explore Germany and the nearby countries. Where I tasted vegan version of all the meaty delicacies that Europe has to offer. Here is a list of the 7 best vegan restaurants in Berlin, where the food was finger licking good and cruelty-free!


Vincent Vegan: A chain of restaurant that serves vegan burgers. It was the first time I ate mock bacon and believe it or not, I couldn’t tell the difference! Burgers were juicy and the vegan cheese was just perfect! I highly recommend this place for a meal. Must try: Vegan chicken burger with vegan bacon and vegan Beer.

Momos: No points guessing what this restaurant serves! They have outstanding momos, a north-east Indian delicacy. Out of the 6 options, 4 are completely vegan. Must try: Everything on the menu.

Photo of momos - organic veggie dumplings, Berlin by Khyati Maloo

Kopps: Probably the best fine dine vegan place I have been to ever! And the many food and beverage publications will vouch for it. If you want to try some vegan German delicacies Kopps is the place to be. Also, a great place for a romantic evening. Must try: Tasting menu.

Brammibal’s Donuts: Now who doesn’t love these deep-fried goodies? Donuts. And I haven’t come across a vegan variety before this. Must try: Tiramisu, Salted Caramel and Maple smoked coconut.

Photo of Brammibal's Donuts (Maybachufer), Berlin by Khyati Maloo

Feel Seoul Good: A Korean restaurant that serves vegan versions of traditional Korean food, even sushi rolls! A must visit if you love experimenting with different cuisine. Must try: Bimbimbap bowls, sushi roll and dumplings.

SOY: One of the most popular places to visit near Alexanderplatz. SOY is a vegan Vietnamese restaurant. You will see this place packed with tourists and locals alike. One drawback is that it only accepts cash. Must try: Banh Bao, Van Than Chien, Bun Sa Ot and Pho.

Photo of SOY, Berlin by Khyati Maloo

7. Voner: Germans love kebabs. You will find kebab stalls all over the country and of all budgets. What’s great about Voner: Vegan-Doner? That vegans don’t have to miss out on this delicious snack that all of Germany loves! Voner sells faux meat kebab made of Seitan, vegetables and spices. Believe me, it will have you coming back for more!

8. Dolores: A popular spot for Mexican food, Dolores also has vegan options. Another place that accepts only cash, so be prepared! Must try: Vegan burrito.

Photo of Dolores Mitte, Berlin by Khyati Maloo

That was my list of vegan restaurants in Berlin. Apart from this, you will even find vegan currywurst almost everywhere, along with other snack items. What’s your favourite Vegan food item from Berlin? And which vegan restaurant in Berlin did I miss? Would love to go back and try!