Tourism in Gujarat


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Places and Culture:

Gujarat is the 6th largest city in India, which is full of colours,tradition and culture. Gujarat is well known for its rich culture. The folk arts form a major part of the culture of the state. It takes care of the rich tradition of song, dance, drama as well.

Gujarat’’s civilization is one of the oldest in India, & attracts lovers of art and history.The Statue of Unity is the best example of it.The large variety of historic forts, palaces, mosques, famous temples called dev bhumi Dwarka and Somnath, and places of historical importance are also included in a single land.

Most of the business minded people know the place as ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ as It was a part of a multi million dollar investment summit held every two years. 9th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019 was held near Ahmedabad city. The increase in the trend of business tourism leads to the growth of the hospitality Industry. The rental car in ahmedabad is also available there to travel in our time and in our comfort zone.

The state is divided in so many parts according to the traveler's point of view. Everyone can be able to visit the state as per their requirement and needs,there are places to explore like business tourism for investors, Palitana has beautiful mountains and hills,Hill stations for the people who are willing to take a breath away but also refreshes and rejuvenates your mind, body and senses.

Blend of both Modern as well as the ancient traditions that have molded the current Gujarat, which is in peaceful coexistence with innovation and nature. Gujarati music, dance forms like garba & raas, fairs and festivals even the foodie who likes to eat different cuisines that includes khandvi, kadhi, dhokla, undhiyu the popular dishes of the place.The great and little Rann of Kutch has its own charm in culture and cuisine.

The large number of fauna and flora in a single land, If you want to enjoy an exciting safari and catch a good look at the king of the forest, then head straight to Gir,nature lovers can find peaceful asylums overflowing with wildlife.

Transportation :

Travelling between big cities and inside them, there are so many taxi service providers inside the city and easily available to get them through online booking as well. You can book a rental car,bus,van and so on as per your requirement.

Best time to travel Gujarat:

Without any double, the best time to visit in Gujarat is in the winter season, October - February is the perfect duration in which one can travel with their group.