A night in Malana

15th Jun 2015

After the Bhrigu Lake trek, I bid goodbye to my college friends and headed off to meet the people who know me best - my school friends.
They managed to convince me to come to Malana, a beautiful village in Himachal famous for the growth of quality hash. 
Since i failed to say no to them, i decide to extend my trip some more days. So i took a morning bus from Manali bus stand towards Manikaran. I got off at Jari, as my friends were supposed to pick me up from there.
Being drained of energy as i had to miss breakfast to catch the bus with a bad hangover from last night, i finally found a restaurant. Finally, had a proper breakfast of bread and omelette. By the time i finished my friends were already there. 
Got into the car with them, and headed off to Malana. We talked and laughed all the way to the starting point of the hike to Malana. The road connects only upto the bridge of Malana.

Photo of A night in Malana 1/4 by Mayank Negi 

The village is on the other side of a shallow stream, named the Malana River. It is situated at a perfect spot on the mountain, the entire valley is lush green. To our luck the weather was good, just the way i prefer it, cloudy with slight drizzle.Photo of A night in Malana 2/4 by Mayank Negi We picked our bags and headed to the bridge to cross the river, and started our ascent. The hike is easy and the trail is clear as it is a regular route for villagers. The hike was pleasant, and we took several breaks as not all my friends were used to hiking. Mid way of the trek as we gained height, i realized that Malana is a very isolated village, then my friend told me about the village, about the people and their laws. Two of us managed to reach in less than an hour, and quickly went to our hotel where they made reservations. It was the last hotel at the back. We quickly got in our room and ordered maggi and tea. By the time we started eating, rest of our friends also reached. 
Photo of A night in Malana 3/4 by Mayank Negi 

The four of us sat down in the balcony enjoying the view. Well it was an enchanting view. Peaceful and calming, its one of those places where you just have to sit down and look around and rest the surroundings will take care. All thoughts and worries came to a stand still, no more thinking!!
The night was cold, but we did manage to sit outside in the balcony for sometime with our blankets. 4 of us sat down quietly enjoying the scene, when we saw a shooting star. Everyone calmly smiling and happy about the fact that we saw a shooting star, said "DEKHA BHAI".

We sat there smiling and happy, enjoying the silence of the mountains under the starry sky for somewhile and then got back into the room. We wished goodnight and went to our rooms to sleep.

Woke up next morning, had some tea and ate some maggi, then headed on our way back from Malana, towards Kasol.

The descent from Malana was fast, the weather was good. We quickly reached the bridge and decided to spend some time on the banks of that stream under the bridge.

Photo of A night in Malana 4/4 by Mayank Negi 

After spending a good half hour there, we headed back up to the road and took a taxi to Kasol.

All in all Malana is not just a place for joints and chillums, its a beautiful village with an amazing view. The place is worth spending a night.

" Goodluck! Keep Exploring"