Astonishing Dalhousie

28th Sep 2018
Photo of Astonishing Dalhousie by Shivani

It was our day 1 of Dalhousie-Khajjiar-Chamba trip. We were a group of 7 solo travelers and this trip was a well-planned one. From the bookings to stay, everything was scheduled. After reaching at Pathankot railway station, we were to head towards Dalhousie through road. The driver was waiting, we arranged the luggage and hopped into the tempo-traveler.

The journey begin –

Going through the chaotic traffic of Pathankot, about 45 minutes later, we were at Dalhousie road. You will get a feel of being there in person. The cold breeze, mountains and curvaceous roads… this was a prefect expedition that we all were in dire need of.

Till now, rats were also tired of jumping in our stomachs, so we asked the driver to stop for lunch. After around a kilometer or two, he hit the break at a restaurant. But any of us were not in mood to have the same dal makhni and mix veg kind of lunch so we asked him to take us at a local dhaba. (Whenever you travel via road, prefer dhaba’s for authentic and affordable food). After half an hour we were at a dhaba with small hut roofs. Yet we ordered daal fry, aaloo gobhi and tandoori roti, the flavors were really homely.

In just 3 hours we reached Dalhousie. The place was not so crowded and the climate was a bit cold. The purple colored clouds and green mountains added to the beauty of hill station. We then went to our hotel, took rest and it was late evening till we were ready again to explore Dalhousie. As the day came to an end so we decided for next day’s sight-seeing for the same place. It was time for dinner now but fortunately, our stay and food were included from the hotel side. Once our meals were finished, it was around 11:30 pm and we all stepped outside.

Apart from the climate and scenic beauty, Dalhousie is very famous for its Gulab Jamuns. And I bet, you cannot resist after having 1, no matter how full you are.

The next day, we got ready and left our hotel to head for Panchpula. It is prominent for a water stream and few adventure activities. It is really a visit worthy place. From pasta to steaming hot sweet corns, you can try many delicacies at the Panchpulla cafes. We had an awesome ginger cardamom tea with veg maggi (recommended) and continued our trip.

The next destination was Khajjiar.

Some tips for first time travelers –

 Take some woolens with you if you are prone to cold very soon

 If possible, travel light

Day 1

Best time to visit is second half of the year (specially in winters)