Manali trip at a glance

13th May 2023
Photo of Manali trip at a glance by Indra Vijay Singh
Day 1

It was 4 day trip to Manali and Kasol.

On Day 1: At around 1 am we left from Delhi to Manali, and reached in Manali at around 10:30 am. Surprising huhh...yes due to continious improvement on Manali routes, travel time has been significantly reduced as compared to earlier.

We have stayed at Apple Orchid resort, 1 km before mall road, resort was nice with view of snowy mountains, and apple trees in the campus, sadly it was not apple season so there were no apples on the trees.

We relaxed for around 3 hours and then went for the Vasistha temple first. These temples are made up of wood and having beautiful carvings on the wall and roof and everywhere. There was natural hot water kund in the campus as well.
We stayed nearby cafe and had some tea, coffee, momos and maggie. As it started to rain heavily we went to a pool club and few of my friends played there, I was just a audience, I am no

By the evening around 7 pm we left for the Mall road and weahter was absolutely chillysious, with drizzling. We spent good amount of time there had so many snacks Jalebi, Rabri, GulabJamum, Golgappe, etc etc.... after that we returned back to hotel.

Day 2: We were planning to visit Solang valley, Atal tunnel, Rohtang, Sissu village and Keylong as well. If time and weather permits. We move to solang valley by our vehicle, it was raining today as well. It was heavy traffic. It took around 2:30 hours to us for the 35 kms. Good news was that during the traffic we have seen so many vehicles going downhill were snow covered, as snowfall was happening at Rohtang. We were happy as probably we will witness live snowfall of the first time. We hired one Gypsy from Solang valley to Sissu village and proceed our journey further on it. As we were moving close to the Rohang we saw snow on the road and hills full of snow. SO EXITING !!

We entered from the Atal tunnel, it is 10 km long tunnel with speed limit of 60 kms, it is fully under BRO surveillance. Once we have crossed the tunnel the view was heavenly, as fresh snow was there, although live snowfall was stopped few time back before we reached. The tragic part was tunnel was closed at other end due to weather forecaste and we had to return back, as it was army barricading at the other end of tunnel. We were happy and sad both, we reurned back to the starting point of Atal tunnel and it was descent snow there as well with foggy weather. We stayed there for around one hour. I took around 2 kms hike downhill, then boarded our Gypsy and returned back to Solang valley, it eas aroung 5 pm, we had chai and pahado wali maggie. Took our car and returned our rented snow cloths and shoes and the counter, and came back to Mall road.

From Mall road we travel by foot to the Hidimba Devi temple 1.5 km uphill from mall road, cold breeze were feeling so amazing. We stayed there for sometime had some pictures, did some shopping form the shops on the way and back to mall road.

At mall road we again did shopping and collected few soveniors as well. We had pahadi food (Siddu) as well. And back to hotel. Thats our day 2.

Day 3: We left our hotel from Manali and went to Bhuntar in Kullu for Bijli Mahadev temple. It was around 80 kms from manali towards Kullu. By 12:30 pm we were at hills on the way to bijli Mahadev as our car cannot go any further, due to absolute disastorous roads further, it was around 5-6 kms before temple. Then we hired one 4×4 Bolero for to and fro. From where we deboarded cab, it was 1.5 kms trekking. Mark my words it was steep and absoluty tiring, I have been to many treks, It was really tough man. It took around 1 and half hours for 1.5 kms. Then we reached on hilltop at the temple, absolute stunning views from hilltop and during the trek as well. So so so amazing....MUST VISIT

Accha listen we come to know that as we followed google maps, it showed us the path which is difficult one, there is another route as well, by that the trekking distance will be 3 kms (double as compared to by which we have gone) but its easy climb. Choice is yours.

We come down to Bolero at 5:30 and within 15 mins we have reached to our car parking. From here we decided to go to Kasol that I will cover further in other write soon.


Cafe at Vasistha Temple

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

On the way to Solang valley

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

View from our hotel

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Hidimba Temple

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Solang Valley

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Manali, hot air ballon

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Vyas river view

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Night view

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Vasistha temple

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh

Bijli Mahadev

Photo of Manali by Indra Vijay Singh