Meet the mountain lover, Brinda Sharma, who’s making her way through the world!


From The Himalayas to The Dolomites, this self proclaimed mountain goat shows you the charm and beauty of mountains through her pictures and stories.

Brinda Sharma, a young mountain lover, is captivating a large audience on Instagram with her relatable travel anecdotes from around the world. Whereas we’re all accustomed to getting flooded with travel pictures of beaches, islands and famous buildings on the regular, Brinda can always be seen gushing about mountains.

Her love for the mountains made her choose a college in Himachal Pradesh, which is home to iconic places like Shimla, Spiti, Mcloedganj, Kasol etc. Needless to say, she didn’t leave any opportunity to explore Himachal and the plethora of treks it offers.

Such profound is her love for mountains and travelling, that she even found love on one of her trips to Spiti. Her boyfriend, Anunay Sood (@anunaysood) is also a travel enthusiast and together they hopscotch the globe and document their stories on the Instagram account called @justthetwo_

Now working a full time job, she manages to make more time to travel as that has always been her top priority. She works hard, saves and plans harder and inspires all of us to not let the limitations of a regular life stop us from travelling and exploring the world.

Till we decide to make plans of our own, we can head over to @justthetwo_ and get inspired by the beautiful pictures and stories shared by her.