11 Amazing Bloggers We Are Stalking This Month For Travel Inspiration


Scrolling through our social media feeds anytime we're idle has become such a constant in life. Whether we're going to work, taking a break from staring into our laptops, waiting for a friend at dinner or winding down for the night, a smartphone is always at our fingertips. And as we take part in this habitual ritual, stunning pictures of known and unknown destinations trigger our inner travellers, making us long for our next vacation.

So, we got together here at Tripoto and put down a list our favourite Instagram bloggers this month for you to lust over as you plan your next getaway.

Swati Jain

A full-time travel blogger, Swati quit her career in public relations after eight long years to follow her dream of travelling around the globe. In the last two years she has amassed a following of over 30,000 on Instagram (buyoantfeet) where she has showcased her journey of travelling to over 135 Indian cities in 20 states! If you're looking for authentic information, real experiences, and offbeat travel destinations, Swati is the person to follow!

Read about her road trip to Zanskar Valley here.

Charvi & Jaymine Shah

Looking for travel tips, reviews of travel resources and stunning pictures all in one place? Head to Charvi & Jaymine's Instagram - lovewithtravel. From Southeast Asian countries to Indian cities, they have a good mix of various kind of travel destinations on their platform. And their engaging content is bound to keep you hooked.

Read about their royal stay in Jodhpur here.

Mohit Behl

One look at Mohit's Instagram handle and you know this guy means business. A professional photographer and writer, Mohit keeps you hooked with stunning pictures and equally interesting stories about his travels. Since starting this full-time in 2011, he has travelled far and wide. He prefers solo trips for the most part and says that the mountains are where his heart lies.

Read about his trek to Pindari Glacier here.

Stuti Ashok Gupta

Beautiful, eclectic, soul-stirring, inspiring–these are just some of the words that can be used to describe Stuti's online presence. Known as bijniswoman on Instagram, she charms you with her colourful pictures and a carefully curated feed. But it is the stories and insights she brings along with each image that really make a place in your heart. Follow her if you want to see the world through your heart and not just your eyes.

Read how she started her own hostel at the age of 22 here.

Nikita Butalia

If an effortless vibe is your thing then Nikita Butalia is your queen. This pretty blogger takes you along on her journeys across the world, giving them a fun spin that keeps you hooked. Her colourful pictures, insightful captions, and conversational style have amassed her such a large following in such a short span of time.

Want to know about how she funds her travels? Read about it here.

Vishakha Talreja

A travel and lifestyle writer turned blogger, Vishakha really does it all. From managing her blog to taking care of her kid, she really is the embodiment of woman power! Want to know how to travel the world with a toddler? Follow her. Want to know how to manage everything effortlessly while you pursue your passion? Follow her.

Read about her experience at this other-worldly property in Rajasthan here.

Aastha Maheshwari

With dreamy pictures, descriptive captions and insightful stories, Aastha is not your run-of-the-mill travel blogger. A finance executive turned full time traveller, Aastha inspires your inner passion with her zeal to travel the world. Take this journey with her as you follow her on Instagram and her blog.

Check out her list of the best hippie destinations in India here.

Pragati Siddhanti

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Pragati Siddhanti has been a travel and lifestyle blogger for several years. And one look at her pictures and stories will tell you that she is a seasoned traveller with very little room for fluff. Head on to her Instagram for some serious insight, loads of stunning pictures and a lot of lifestyle information supplementing the travel related content. She is really an all-rounder.

Read about her tips on visiting Prague here.

Vijayakriti & Paresh

Known as Doubletdiary on Instagram, Vijayakriti and Paresh are a scientist couple juggling their 9-to-5 jobs with their passion for travel and photography. Although relatively new to the travel scene, their vibrant content, offbeat approach and personal connect is definitely resonating with people in the travel community. And the way they talk about their journey is really helpful when planning a trip.

Read about their backpacking journey across Hampi here.

Chandani A.

A full time traveller known as globetrotting365days on Instagram, Chandani has travelled extensively across Europe. She has a bucket list with 75 countries, of which she has already checked off 27! Now that's a feat. Follow her on Instagram and her blog to keep up with her progress and gain insight into some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet along the way.

Find details of her heavenly trip to Greece here.

Aditi & Deepak

Another travelling couple, Aditi and Deepak give you both travel and couple goals at the same time. They've been to 11 countries so far and their pictures are testament to how much fun they've had. Looking at these places from their lens will instantly bring a smile to your face. Head on to their Instagram for a dose of positivity and joy while you plan your next getaway.

Planning a trip to Bhutan? Go through their 8-day itinerary to figure it all out.

Aren't you inspired to pack your bags and leave already? Let us know your favourite travel bloggers in the comments below!

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