7 travellers that can be your guide to Himalaya

18th Jun 2018

Source: Himalayan wonders

Photo of 7 travellers that can be your guide to Himalaya by Sonal Agarwal

There are tourists and then there are travellers. A traveller's Instagram is like a guide for anyone looking for destinations to explore and be inspired. With pictures of enchanting landscapes and serene portraits of Himalayas, there are some Instagram accounts that will make you crave the mountains.

We have curated a list of our favourite Instagram accounts that will make you fall in love with the Himalayas instantly.

Mohit Behl

In 2011, Mohil Behl, travel writer and photographer decided to combine his passion with a profession and since then there is no turning back for him. With a special place in heart for the mountains, for Mohit, the Himalaya is the only, "one thing that makes all the sense in the world." The pictures of serene landscapes that he puts up for his followers is just breathtaking and definitely worth your time.

Instagram Handle @theroutecause

Shramona Poddar

Not just an exceptional photographer, Shramona is also an exceptional storyteller. Each picture of hers come with a story and what was her thought process behind it. Shramona, a content strategist by profession, loves the mountains and has taken up many adventurous expeditions to the Himalaya. Her Instagram page is a reflection of her thoughts and her journeys combined that can take you on a new journey altogether.

Instagram Handle: @mishti.and.meat

Neha Ralli

An actual Himalayan girl, who has grown up in the lap of mountains and has no regrets whatsoever. Neha, a social media manager at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association is a part-time traveller and has been an enthusiastic supporter of solo travelling. Not just the Himalayas, her Instagram page is also a window for the followers to peek into the Himalayan lifestyle and culture.

Instagram Handle: @himalayan_girl

Nitish Waila

A mountaineer and a photographer are all that you need to be to have a beautiful Instagram page filled with several snow-covered peaks that can leave the followers awe-inspired. With every picture, he shares a story and that is what makes it more exciting. This page will definitely give you inspiring travel vibes.

Instagram Handle: @nitishwaila

Subhash Chandra

Considered as the best among the travel photographers for his pictures of surreal landscapes and creative input, Subhash Chandra's Instagram is just as same. This computer engineer cum photographer will make you want to quit work and travel to the mountains. Follow him to get more of Himalayas as Subhash is an avid trekker has taken several expeditions to the mountains.

Instagram Handle: @subhash_chandra

Neelima Vallangi

She has travelled far and wide to get some impeccable shots of the mountains. Neelima, a travel writer and a photographer, has crossed several Himalayan trails to serve her craving for adrenaline. Earlier, a software engineer, Neelima decided to take up her passion professionally in 2014. Her Instagram page is a reflection of her strength, determination and passion.

Instagram Handle: @neelimav

Abhinav Chandel

Abhinav, now a full-time traveller and photographer, left corporate life for the love for travelling. An explorer who never misses to bring in action in his pictures. This adds a touch of life in all his pictures. Mountains have formed some memorable destinations for Abhinav and therefore when it comes to the Himalayas, he knows the best. With a very different approach to capture views, Abhinav is known for his interesting pictures and has a huge number of followers.

Instagram Handle: @abhiandnow

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