Narkanda - An offbeat destination to explore yourself!

Photo of Narkanda - An offbeat destination to explore yourself! 1/5 by Nikhil Sharma
Photo of Narkanda - An offbeat destination to explore yourself! 2/5 by Nikhil Sharma
Photo of Narkanda - An offbeat destination to explore yourself! 3/5 by Nikhil Sharma
Photo of Narkanda - An offbeat destination to explore yourself! 4/5 by Nikhil Sharma
Photo of Narkanda - An offbeat destination to explore yourself! 5/5 by Nikhil Sharma

Well,Being an employee it is very tough to get some time for yourself and that kind of life was going through until i received a call one day from nowhere for Narkanda. Narkanda, first thing i had never heard about this place then i googled it then i realised it is going to be fun.Initially,that call was anonymous for me but later i learnt that call was from an organiser who deals in adventure camps with no second thought i said "YES" and this word became a turning point of my ho-hum life. Narkanda, a small town( 60 km away from capital of Himachal Pradesh's Shimla ) bordered by Shivalik Ranges.

I just transformed myself as bagpacker and ran towards Gurgaon bus stand to mounted on a bus to Chandigarh. As it was not scheduled trip i looked the detailed chart of bus service on net ,as would luck have it i got the bus.It was an awesome journey upto Chandigarh but i was palpitating to get there as my bus leaving road ribboning behind me.Eventually, i reached to my destination, Chandigarh, I congregated with my other cronies who had formed a clique and were waiting for me.I greeted them and just rushed to catch bus for Shimla. During the my way to Shimla i come across some amazaing sights which had not bargained on.I chanced upon to places like Parwanoo, Barog valley, Sanjauli , Shoghi ,fagu Khatlee ghat railway station and ice on on cake was the TOY TRAIN; just right along with the bus and it was reminiscent to part of one's film shoot.At Last we de boarded the bus at Shimla ISBT. We took a small break to douse our starvation and jumped to another bus which led to kinnaur enrouting Narkanda.The bus was packed like a suitcase but somehow i maintained my cool and after 2 hrs and I reached Narkanda, truly heaven.

We hired a room for 2 days and for market hopping fo exploring culture. Narkanda is not huge but it has something which makes it aloof from others.After hopping we got in touch with a resident of it and explored inside the woods for 4 hrs and it was just incredible.We just went berserk post beholding a mesmerising view of flora and fauna and we had not intention to leave that jubliant jungle.But we had lots more to visit.It came to our attention on the very next day that there a peak called Hatu Peak , which open only for 5 sundays in a year and that sunday was one of it .Hatu peak is a temple devoted to Ravana's Wife Mandodri and it is belief that by heart whatever you hankers for definated she will cater you.That's it ,Our face lit up with hope and we trekked to hatu peak which 7 kilo meters Stretch during the course with met with some awestruck cliffs and winding road accompanying Oaks ,pine and Deodar trees and it was supreme.After reaching to Hatu peak,we prayed there ,took the offering and witnessed how does it feel to be at highest peak of district ?. It was cold ,spine chilling weather and we were tanned badly but that did not deter our spirit.After admiring the breeze there we headed towards our last task that is meeting localites. Localites we so warm by nature there techniques were ancient to boil water , paid visit idyllics abodes and a local govt. school and it was awesome.As we were getting late ,we just landed at our room.Last night of our unplanned and wanted to make it memorable .

Firstly we had a dinner at a local restaurunt and we managed to get a some old branches of trees for Bonfire and recited 50's songs with some props as this town is away from technology, we could not arrange so amplifiers and all.But being here i untethered myself from all exhaustion and vent spleen about my job and it was crazy. I repeat ,to know yourself ,come to Narkanda.

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