Night spent at Losar #tripototakemetosandakphu

Photo of Night spent at Losar #tripototakemetosandakphu 1/5 by Trishnika Srija


Have you ever imagined your life without social media? Ever imagined a day without phone? Or a night without traffic??  Or a place where you can hear your own echo??

Sounds like a fairy tale or a rural place right. But what if I say it’s an untouched Paradise of Himachal. It was around – 20 degree C when I reached Losar with my trekking master who is more than a good friend now, Urgian Cherring (owner of Spiti Expeditions) I realized my next few days would not be just an regular mainstream days. 

I reached a local house like a half blooded princess and warm welcome from one idiopathic family. Seriously is it safe to ask for place to sleep and some chang (local beer, though doesn’t taste anywhere near to Budweiser but ll surely keep one warm)?!?  Well the bitterness of cold ceased my thought process and entered a room full of strangers who became more of friends.

After gulping chappati – sabji with Sangmo (dessert made of barley and  alcohol), I warmed myself near to the fireplace which is mostly more of  multipurpose device for heating n cooking. Photo of Night spent at Losar #tripototakemetosandakphu 2/5 by Trishnika SrijaThe room was made lit cozy by heating a gigantic tub of warm water. The steam did play its lullabay to put me to deep sleep.

And I woke up and peeped out of the small window and this left me awestruck. Photo of Night spent at Losar #tripototakemetosandakphu 3/5 by Trishnika Srija

Somehow struggled to crawl out of my bed and the granny served me steaming cup of tea. 

Anyday this is the bestest day, even better than the last Sunday when I slept for 13 hours. I took out my left over cup noodles and shared with the chipmunks of the house. Photo of Night spent at Losar #tripototakemetosandakphu 4/5 by Trishnika SrijaThey were so adorable when they drooled over the cup noodles. It’s so surprising that we never appreciate the things that we get easily. The three sisters served me loads of thukpa and we all sat talking about our lives.It fascinating that these women were equally talented in weaving carpets and other household stuffs and selling their handmade products will fetch them enough but all they said that Life has more to offer apart from money so they weave for family and friends as gifts. I wonder if I can ever think that way when it comes to money. I walked out of the house, and there were countable number of houses- may be 4 or 5. All the houses were painted White signifying Equality and each house had their green house for storing and cultivating vegetables. Before I headed towards to my guest house at Kaza, I wrapped a piece of Losar in me forever. It just those endless memories that made my stay at Losar more beautiful than expected. Photo of Night spent at Losar #tripototakemetosandakphu 5/5 by Trishnika Srija