Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2)


DAY 2 (30TH Oct’16 – Diwali)


I woke at 4:30am and freshen up. I took my camera and tripod and started to climb the way till Jakhoo temple at 5am almost. I was expecting to capture the early sunrise view of Shimla from the top. The way to the temple is really inclined and it took me 1hr to reach there from my hotel directly. The great statue of Lord Hanuman stood tall in the temple which could be seen from the Mall road. I wonder how people brought the great statue up so high which weigh around tons. It was really refreshing once I reached there. Lots of monkey surrounds the place so I became carefull as they snatch away things from you. After an hour in the temple and having the satisfaction of seeing the sunrise I returned back hotel at around 7:30am. I took a hot water bath and got ready for the rest of the day. As it was Diwali and being a holiday locals were playing soccer and cricket on the ridge. It was realy fun to watch them. Small kids cycling while fitness enthusiast doing their exercise. Around 10am I went to the tourism centre which is right next to the ridge near the intersection of the Mall road. They provide bus for sightseeing around Shimla. I book a ticket for Rs 270. The bus at 11am took us to Kufri, Naldehra Golf Course,Zoo and Conservtion Breeding society and the other tourist spots. Naldehra Golf course was really a beauty of it own. People were playing golf in the ground and on the other hand tourists were enjoying the horse rides. Tourists aren’t allowed to enter the golf course. Still there is a way to enter but just a small portion of it. There is a small temple inside the ground till where you can go but you need to find the way to it. The way isn’t in a very viewable position for tourist. Naldehra covered with deodar tress makes it a unique picnic spot.

Photo of Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2) 1/6 by Joydeep Patowari
The Sunrise From Jakhoo Temple
Photo of Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2) 2/6 by Joydeep Patowari
A Fellow Playing Golf in Naldehra Golf Course
Photo of Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2) 3/6 by Joydeep Patowari
That's me again in front of the majestic statue of Lord Hanuman in Jakhoo Temple.

We returned back by 5pm. Being a diwali evening there were fireworks all around. As the sun was setting down for the day I thought of capturing the sunset on the ridge. It was really pretty. Later in the evening the ridge was full of people. Kids were playing with crackers. Couples were strolling with hand in hand. I thought for once “ This is life enjoying the beauty far away from hectic schedule”. I decided to take a walk in the mall road which was right below the ridge. As it was diwali time most of the shops were closing their doors by 7:30pm. But as the night came close I was hungry and not even a single inn was opened. I thought I have to eat my dinner at hotel which I didn’t want . Luckily a cafe (Hide Out Cafe) which was opened. It was almost 9pm when I went inside the cafe. A couple was the only customers they were having at that time. I ate a hideout chicken salad with garlic bread and tea. The salad was really tasty. By 10pm I left the place and made my way to hotel.

Photo of Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2) 4/6 by Joydeep Patowari
The sunset 
Photo of Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2) 5/6 by Joydeep Patowari
The sunset view from the top of the ridge
Photo of Shimla - The First Solo trip (DAY 2) 6/6 by Joydeep Patowari
That's my dinner.