5 must-haves in your backpack on your trip to India

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  1. A scarf

Or perhaps more than one! And this is not confined to ladies out there. If you are travelling to India you may realize that some of the places are really dusty. And that’s when your scarf stretches out for your help, you can wrap it around your face and head. It is really hurtful when you are just out from the shower and leave your hotel room for an awesome exploring and *boom* you are bombarded with dusty farts of nature. Also, your scarf can help you cover your head in religious areas as well.

  1. Pepper spray

Now this again is not bound to ladies. I will not sugar-coat the fact that we in here have some very skilled robbers who could be found anywhere and everywhere, especially in isolated areas. So, needless to say this always comes to the rescue! Also don’t invite buglers by flaunting your expensive gadgets, bundle of notes and ornaments.

  1. Covered dresses

If you don’t want people (be it ladies or gents!) to scan your body with their frozen glares or drool over you (sorry but that happens!), then you should opt to cover sixty to seventy percent of your body part. We do too wear shorts or tube tops but that mostly depends on the area we are visiting. It might sound strange but usually Saris do not cover most of our belly area and it is socially acceptable in that case. Only in sarees!

  1. Well organised docs

Make sure you have written down the addresses of hotels or references, have a paper map with yourself and all the other documents which you might need. This is because firstly, networks in some areas are painful in here and you cannot rely on google maps. And when you know the exact address you will save a lot of time and money. Money? Because the taxi meter will be hitting its edges baby! Sometimes these meters would not work properly and this would charge you a lot more than it should. Time? What else you want me to talk about when you will be circling around a particular area three or four time with a confused mind. Don’t keep all your money in one bag, break the bundles and put them in different bags, so that if one is stolen you are not left with a small heart.  

  1. Portable charger

You obviously need to connect with your family while you are away. And we sometimes have serious problems with the charging points, sometimes unavailability and if not that *zoop* power cut!. So who’s your god then?

Most importantly, stay calm! Haha! Don’t let this post scare you. We do have some warm hosts and saintly people in India. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.