Ancient Cities


Ancient cities:  The Lost Heritage of India

India is a country with rich culture and heritage. The remains of the history are still in the midst of the boundaries of the country. Some of the remaining’s are a proof to some of the events held in the history. The ancient cities of the country which have become obsolete still sight their presence in this 21’st century. Here is a list of some cities where age’s ago people resided but now it’s only the remains of the city. 

  • Dholavira , Gujarat

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 Harappan civilization is one of the world’s first great civilizations which dates back to 3rd millennium BC. Dholavira is among the fifth largest Harappan cities in the continent. The site was unearthed by ASI (Archaeological survey of India) in 1967, but has been systematically excavated only since 1990. The city was significant for its exquisite planning, monumental structures and aesthetic architecture. Artefacts like the terracotta pottery, beads, gold and copper ornaments, seals, fish hooks were extracted during the excavation. These artefacts indicate trade links with lands as far away as Mesopotamia.

  • Poompuhar ,Tamil Nadu

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 Also called the “Kaveripoompattnam”, it was an ancient historic town situated in Sirkali Taluk of Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. It served as a capital city of earlier Chola Kings in Tamillakam. This city was located at the shores of the Kaveri River. In 500AD the town was washed away by a sea storm and the original city submerged under the sea. Once a flourishing port was in ruins till it was excavated in the later years.  A Wharf belonging to the 3rd century was found along with several kinds of brick figures and copper coins.

  • Vijaynagar, Karnataka

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As the name translates “The City of Victory” was the capital city of the historic Vijayanagara Empire which extended over South India. The ruins of the city surrounds the modern city of Hampi in Ballari district, Karnataka.  The city became the religious centre of the Virupaksha Temple at Hampi. Now listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site as the “Ruins of Hampi”. The ruins are threatening due to vehicular pollution and environmental changes.

  • Dwarka, Gujarat

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Dwarka is considered the most sacred city in India. It is believed to be the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. This legendary city has been destructed by the sea several times. It is believed that this holy city has submerged in the sea for six times and the present Dwarka city is seventh time constructed on this land. The fossils of the submerged city can be found in the bet of Dwarka. The ruins of the city lying on the sea bed includes huge pillars, gigantic stone walls and other valuable antiques.

  • Pattadakal, Karnataka

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Declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, this small village in Karnataka is located on the banks of Malaprabha River. Renowned for its ancient temples and other historic monuments. This small village is famous for the Virupaksha Temple which is a monument of victory. In 745, queen Lokamahadevi (Trilokmahadevi) built this temple as a tribute to her husband’s victory (Vikramaditya II) over the Pallavas of Kanchi. It is now a famous tourist destination.

 Relive the history by visiting these magnificent places with remains of our ancestral memories.