5th May 2017
Photo of Andamans by Oorja Mishra

When you're in Andamans you truly understand what they mean by untouched beauty. We began our trip at Port Blair, and the port capital is as quaint as they can get. The locals are friendly, the air sultry, the wind cold, and the nights magical.

The next day we took the Dolphin cruise to Havelock, a 5 star experience at sea with safe, comfortable seating, good food and cordial staff. Take a nice nap, or look at the colour of the sea change as you tread deeper waters. On arrival at Havelock, we checked into the Dolphin Resort and plonked ourselves on the beach. The green water of the beach is so inviting, that even the most fearful person in our group jumped into the water, and gave into the experience. The next day, we took the ferry to Elephanta Islands to indulge in water sports. From snorkelling, to motorboats, to banana boat, Elephanta Beach has all kinds of adventures, the water is clean and the beach is well maintained. One of the most unforgettable experiences to have while at Havelock is to scuba dive at Nemo reef. DiveIndia will give you clear instructions about the gear and signals, they will then train you and take you into deep waters when you're ready. Scuba diving at Nemo Reef will change your life. Its a complete ZNMD moment, 12 metres underwater when you feel yourself breathe under water, swim among the fish and finally when you see and touch a clown fish. But even after all these experiences the thing you'll remember the most is the sunrise. At 5 in the morning, all you need to do is look out of your sea facing window to witness the most glorious sunrise you've ever experienced.

After the complete package that Havelock is, you arrive at Neil Island, a small town in the middle of deep sea that is quiet and has the constant echo of waves crashing. We checked into the Silver Sand Resort and took a long nap in their quaint beautifully designed rooms. In the evening we took a stroll down to their private beach to find ourselves in a place that could not get any more peaceful. Dip your feet in sea water and collect shells, or just put your music on and feel the sand between your toes as you sip a chilled beer. The Laxmipur beach is famous for its sunsets and you can enjoy that while you slurp Maggi or enjoy chai and pakodas made fresh on the beach.

Andaman is a place that leaves you with many beautiful memories and is the perfect example of a state determined to not lose its natural beauty. It has strict law and order and policemen on the beach not only keep you safe but also make sure you do not litter and do not steal riches of the sea that belong to the state. While commercialised and laden with honeymooning couples, families and diving enthusiasts, Andaman has managed to keep its beauty and exquisiteness intact. Its a place that keeps on giving and keeps you wanting more. It makes you feel the perfect combination of contentment and never wanting to leave.

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