Discover the surreal beauty of Kanaki hills- Queen of Hills


There are many hill stations in our country, but does anybody know all the names and their locations? I am sure the answer would be NO. Except the famous and most frequently visited tourist destinations most of them would be unknown to us. It would be a hard task even for the famous trekkers to list down all the explored and unexplored hillocks in the nation. Visiting the same lace may not offer you the solitude; calmness and enthusiasm that you get when you visit the unseen and least visited tourist destination. When speaking about the hill stations Kerala the southernmost state in India is no far from any other states in the country. The spectacular beauty, serene environment, picturesque landscapes, pristine water bodies and a plethora of flora and fauna make the state a haven for nature lovers and travel enthusiast. Along with travellers, you could also see a large number of environmentalists and researchers availing of tour packages to Kerala to learn its unique specifications as part of their curriculum. The state is not only home to nature lovers but also shelters a wide range of travellers who visit the place in the sake of rejuvenation. The lofty hills dotted with classy green plantations protect the state from adverse climatic conditions plays a vital role in promoting tourism. Nowadays trekkers are more interested in exploring the unheard hilly regions than the popular tourist destinations. When speaking about the unexplored places the first that comes into my mind is the Kanaki hills situated in the inner parts of the Kannur district. I think even the natives of the Kannur would be unaware about such alluring tourist place. From the following sections, you can gather some vital information regarding the travel destination.

Kanaki Hills

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Famously known as ‘Queen of Hills’, Kanaki hills is basically located in the Iritty town in Kannur. What makes the hill so special is climbing to the top of the hill you can catch the amusing beauty of the lush green surroundings and the neighbouring state called Karnataka. It said that trekking to Kanaki hills will bring the most famous Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka under your foothills. So isn’t it a marvellous moment to witness to enjoy the pride of nearby state from our hometown. Along with Brahmagiri, you can also spot the other marvellous destinations such as Coorg and Karanatka reserve forest. One will have to face numerous hurdles to reach the top of the mountain. Up to the Melothumkunnu Sree Durga temple, the road will guide you in proper directions. From there the road leading to the hill station is not well-conditioned hence if you are not expert in driving seek the help of professional drivers. Or else you can avail of tour package from Gogeo Holidays in Kerala. They draft the itinerary by inculcating all the facilities including transportation and accommodation. Understanding the unique feature of the trip operator many adventure lovers from the nearby cities such as Chennai, Mangalore, and Hyderabad and many more purchase the tour packages at reasonable rates from them. Exploring the magnificent beauty of the unexplored travel destination will definitely add excitement to your trip. The small tea stalls situated on the path to the hill station will be able to satiate your hunger to an extent. Sipping the hot tea and savouring the spicy snacks by enjoying the beauty of the untouched nature will add beauty to your journey. The most noteworthy attractions of the region are the Kanaki hill viewpoint and Kanaki top station. Apart from the camera, the most required equipment that you need to explore the beguiling beauty of the region is binocular. From the Kanaki hill viewpoint, you can catch the awesome panoramic views of the surreal nature. Some of the trekkers also share that the top station at Kanaki offers excellent views when compared to the hill viewpoint.

Just like any other travel places even the Kanaki requests travellers to visit it during the monsoon season. Even though trekking to the hilly region might be scary but the eye-soothing views it offers could not be compared with anything in the world. As aforementioned Kanaki hill is situated in the midst of densely populated woods there are chances of ferocious wild animals to wander here and there. So if you are having any kind of plan to set a night camp with your family over there seek the guidance from the local communities and find out the perfect time for the same. The most fascinating feature of the hill is by 5 pm the clouds will envelop the region indicating the natives that it is time to wind up their duties and rush into their homes. By 6 pm the whole region will be completely painted in black colour. If you have mere knowledge of clouds you could understand the various moods of it. The other intriguing peculiarity of the clouds is if it is raining in Karnataka you can understand the same from the Kanaki hills. Tourists especially the small children accompanying their family will definitely enjoy the surreal beauty. From your tent, you can enjoy the amazing moment of the rising sun.

How to reach the Kanaki hills?

The nearest airport to Kanaki hill is the Kannur International Airport located apart of 40 km in Kerala. From there hire private or public transport to Mattara by crossing the Iritty –Ulickal road. On reaching Mattara proceed to Melothumkunnu temple and trek 6 km to the top of the hill.

If you have any concerns regarding the route map and attractions grab the tour packages from Gogeo Holidays at cheap prices. After exploring the splendid beauty of the region you can also visit the other noteworthy places such as Muzhappilangad beach, Paithalmala, Parassinikadavu snake parka and so on. If you are lucky you can witness the live performance of Theyyam in any of the temple. They also curate packages to famous hill stations such as Munnar, Thekkady, and Wayanad and so on. To learn more about the tour services grab the packages from them before it expires.