A Sagittarius is My Travel Soulmate. Who is Yours?


All of us are obsessed with zodiac signs and desperately turn to them whenever there is a serious lack of logic/entertainment/direction in life. So, I guess it is only appropriate to check up with mother Linda Goodman's oracle before choosing your next travel partner.

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Aries (21st March- 20th April)

Their unnecessary ego which is justified by being the first sign in the zodiac doesn't fit well with everyone. But these two signs manage to find that needle of niceness in their haystack of adventure and unbearable vitality.

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Where Gemini will strike the perfect balance with let's-go-do-every-random-stupid-adventure, Sagittarius will challenge them both physically (ahem) and emotionally in their own game.

Taurus (21st April- 21st May)

They are like the bull, a sophisticated sensual bull. But a bull nonetheless, who mistakes ever-expanding pride to being headstrong, and really picky antics to "elegant" palate. And though are clearly a hard working sign (what else will a bull do) not many signs get along well with them.

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But a Cancer manages to feel secure around their territorial bestiality, and Capricorn shares a mutual drive towards success, money and accomplishment. These signs can easily bear a long journey with a Taurean. 

Gemini (22nd May- 21st June)

The dual nature which is often mistaken for balance and accommodating nature is really euphemising a possible multiple personality disorder. Not a lot of people get this dangerous truth and very few are actually willing to go on a road trip with this unwanted 2-in-1-offer of a person.

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But the real balancing scales of Libra prove therapeutic on  road, whereas in the company of an Aquarius, a Gemini manages to be guiltessly insane.

Cancer (22nd June- 23rd July)

This proverbial shell possessing sign is really just a bundle of nerves and unexpected mood swings which vary from sweet submissions to serial killer tendencies. Clearly it takes some rigidity to keep them going.

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And that is why Taurus, with their bull-like stability are perfect for them. And if they get boring, Scorpio always bring in the love-hate fun in their combination.

Leo (24th July- 23rd August)

Yea yea everyone knows their obsession with leading everyone, someone...any one! But their stubborn nature combined with some idea of aesthetic ideal doesn't fit well with other realistic signs. 

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But the hyper Sagittarius manages to sustain the ego-energy outburst of Leo with their forever jovial spirit, and with Aries, it's pretty much an exciting tug-of-war.

Virgo (24th August- 23rd September)

These Obsessive Compulsive maniacs are more than just neat-freaks. They also believe in Sugar Daddy-ing their way through life and when confronted with things like packing bags, organizing trips, or just in general mass management they end up losing friends.

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But a Taurus knows how and when to put a lid on the crazy and for endless enabling Capricorns make great partners for Virgos.

Libra (24th September- 23rd October)

In a fight, Librans will be the one running from a corner straight into the feud asking everyone to take a break. But when it comes to taking a stand of their these scales don't do too well and therefore fit well with partners which are anything but like them.

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The dual sign of Gemini fits effortlessly with the stabilizing necessity of Librans, whereas with Aquarians they get to free flow through their weirdness, making the most of each other.

Scorpio (24th October- 22nd November)

Apparently the most enterprising of all sunsigns, most start up founders are Scorpions. Their both conniving and resourceful nature might be a gift to some but really is a pain in the ass for many. Especially while traveling. 

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And that is why Cancer brings out the sensitivity in this always-onto-something-better sign. Whereas Pisces, despite being from a completely different planet manage to compliment Scorpions with their day-dreaminess.

Sagittarius (23rd November- 21st December)

If a trip is what  you want to take, then this is your sign.  But be prepared to be abruptly abandoned, lost and probably left starving because the sign took an impulsive decision which took you miles away from civilization.

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So, a Leo with them brings the much needed leadership whereas the Aquarius satiates their extreme need of escape with their stability and grounded disposition.

Capricorns (22nd December- 20th January) 

They are the ones you will reach onto when the Sagittarian leaves you starving. Their practicality is a real savior and even if no one recognizes that, they continue their hard work towards some sort of recognition.

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A Virgo will understand both the desire of meticulous packing and succeeding, and the Piscean will bring an edge of relentless (almost reckless) sensitivity in their lives.

Aquarius (21st January- 19th February)

The one who is going to fix a busted tire as well as the humanity. They will be the ACTUAL leaders of group when a Leo plays pretend, but their lack of self-empathy will often leave them stranded.

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The Sagittarius will share Aquarius obsession of the future while dragging out deepest of secrets. Whereas the Libra brings the staunchly practical angle to Aquarius' world of extremes

Pisces (20th February- 20th March)

Don't even tell them about the sad past of a now haunted place. Really. They will spend their entire time empathizing with the long gone ones which will follow a series of existential thoughts.

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The protective Scorpio shield the water child from harsh realities of land and the Cancer, the crab, with the fish form a companionship that is bound by the soul.

But you really don't have to be bound these wishful stereotypes. So, if you have a journey to embark on grab the person next to you and forget what the stars say.

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Taurus and Capricorns : None yet near !
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Surabhi Srivastava-insane :P
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How do I see my travel soulmate ??
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Ab Scorpio aur Cancer ka se dhoondo??.....You forgot the 13th zodiac "Alcohol", makes a perfect soulmate.
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Lov the way u ended it.. osm
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