Hidden Gems of the India for every nature lover

23rd Nov 2018


Photo of Hidden Gems of the India for every nature lover by TraveLo
Day 1
Day 2

Northeast region is the hidden gem of India. I believe it is the least explored part of India. About a decade ago, there were many challenges like Maoists and terrorism in some parts of Northeast India. People used to consider Northeast to be a foreign land. Thankfully that’s not the case anymore and everybody is very much connected. I think the main reason of this positive change is the Millennials and the young generation of 21st-century India. The Northeast India consists of seven sister states. Arunachal Pradesh being on the top full of high altitude peaks in most of its region giving India a protective shield from other countries. Arunachal Pradesh is also famous for its annual fest called ziro fest. it gets posted in ziro valley. On its left, Sikkim which is known as the chicken’s neck which connects the seven sisters with rest of the India. Assam is the centre of these seven sisters that connects each sister to another. It also shares a large portion of International border area with Bangladesh which used to be know as East Pakistan before its independence from west Pakistan. Thereafter, we have the home of clouds that’s Meghalaya. It is one of the most popular destination amongst travellers. It is the same place where we have the most cleanest village in Asia and the most wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji. Meghalaya is full of greenery, waterfalls and its extra ordinary natural phenomenal activities that includes the living root bridge. As we follow the trail to Nagaland which is quite famous for its famous Hornbill festival every year and the Dzukou valley. The whole valley is submerged with tiny bamboo trees that does not grow taller than a metre. As we go down in the region, you will find Tripura and Manipur which shares international border with Myanmar.

I had a limited time of ten days to cover the Northeast India. So, I could only cover 4 out of 7 sisters and decided to cover the rest in the next trip. Now, fasten in your seat belts as I take you along with this journey to the Northeast India to explore what is yet to be seen by the world.