High in the Indian skies

3rd Dec 2014
Photo of High in the Indian skies 1/6 by Karishma
Photo of High in the Indian skies 2/6 by Karishma
Photo of High in the Indian skies 3/6 by Karishma
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Himachal - Bir
Photo of High in the Indian skies 5/6 by Karishma
Photo of High in the Indian skies 6/6 by Karishma

Drifting up in the blue above has fascinated us for long enough. Whether you choose the enthralling activity of paragliding and soar across skies or you choose the more recreational parasailing, it is a great experience for you to revel in the hills, valleys and the blue waters below.

Whether it’s being towed across the plateaus and valleys in the midst of the Western Ghats or behind a motor boat across the cool waters of the sea, parasailing is carried with much gusto in India. Then there are some who prefer the more serious and skilled paragliding, with the idea of running across terrains and launching one’s self into the winds. Whatever be your calling, India has it. Here’s a list of the most loved parasailing and paragliding destinations in India.

With this list of the best parasailing/paragliding sites in India, you can surely conquer those skies- just keep the trainer’s guidelines in mind! Once done, it’s an experience that’ll soar with you for a lifetime!

Believe this, Goa offers one of the best winchboat parasailing experiences for those who can’t get enough of the seas and the skies! Recreation goes to another level in Goa when you choose to indulge in this activity. Just pick a beach and time with fewer crowds, jump on to the boat and you don’t have to do much while the parachute takes you along. Miramar, Mobor, Arossim and Candolim are some good picks.
Photo of Goa, India by Karishma
The vast countryside of Rajasthan offers great sailing destinations that can prove remarkable. These include Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Kota. Parasailing across the dunes and under the winds can be exhilarating once your adrenalin is pumped! If you haven’t thought about it, do so! Your perception of the deserts might just change.
Photo of Rajasthan, India by Karishma
Parasailing in the Western Ghats could make you hold your breath, and how! Maharshtra which lies besides these ghats has various destinations which are great for parasailors! With the hills stretching out from Gujarat in the north to the Nilgiris, lots os sites have become favourites! Some among these are- Matheran, Deolali,Mahabaleshwar, Singhgad and Panchgani
Photo of Panchgani, Maharashtra, India by Karishma
Billing and Bir have been called a heaven for the gliders. While Billing is where you land on, Bir at 2600m is where you fly off in to the wind drifts! This paragliding site is perfect from March till early June when the cool winds set to take you high. Paragliding in the Kangra Valley region of Himachal can be one unique experience which someone with a love for adventure should not miss out on!
Photo of Bir-Billing Take-off, Biling, Himachal Pradesh, India by Karishma
This is one destination ideal for first-timers! Garhwal, in Uttarakhand has sober ranges, clear blue skies and green all around you! The experience of paragliding here can be exclusive, nestled in the hills. If you are about to take off for the first time, Garhwal is where you can choose to start building your love for paragliding! Oh, did I mention – it’s extremely scenic and immensely pleasant for a major part of the year!
Photo of Uttarakhand, India by Karishma
Sanasar in J&K will make you feel like a bird in paradise once you choose to paraglide, of course! Hop on to the paraglider, hang tight and soar your way through a visual delight. The tall trees, low clouds, steel lakes and the sunsets will make you never want to land again! If you want a breathtaking experience in nature’s beauty- Sanasar it is!
Photo of Jammu and Kashmir by Karishma